2 Corinthians 7:4 – I have every confidence in you. I’m terribly proud of you. I’m filled with encouragement. I’m overwhelmed with happiness while in the middle of our problems.

When asked what we want for our loved ones, a common answer is, “I just want them to be happy.”

Happiness. We put a lot of value in happiness. While it is something we strive for and yearn for, measuring happiness is not super simple.

Happiness is subjective. What makes you happy may or may not make me happy. These days, Hubby Rick feels happy when he is riding his motorcycle. Me? Not so much. I ride moreso to humor Rick rather because it makes me happy.

But look at it this way: if I go riding with Rick and this makes him happy, shouldn’t this make me happy as well?

Why, yes, it should!

What makes us happy today … may not tomorrow. This is just how it is. Sometimes, we eat something that tastes SO GOOD and it make us happy. But there comes a time when one more bite may or may not continue to make us happy. There are diminishing rates of return when it comes to happiness.

Too often, we have this idea that in order for us to experience true happiness, things must be perfect. But folks, I just do not think this is reality.

Perfect? Seriously?

It just isn’t going to happen.

Let’s be more realistic about happiness. Even in the middle of any mess in our lives, we can still experience and enjoy happiness. Rather than expecting things to be “just right,” can we allow happiness to be present in our messy, hairy and complicated lives?

  • Happiness can be present even when we experience grief and sadness. Give yourself permission to have moments of happiness … without guilt.
  • Happiness does not require that everything go “just right” in a day. Find moments of happiness and celebrate those.
  • One challenging minute (or two) in a day does not mean the entire day is a bust. Seriously. We can still have a good day even if something distracts us.
  • You decide when you will be happy … and when you won’t be. No one else makes this choice for you.

Happiness is a noble and great aspiration for life. But I hope we desire for more than happiness. I pray that we allow ourselves to embrace happiness even when there are bumps in our lives. A few bumps does not remove every possibility of happiness.

What else should we aspire for in our lives? Honestly, this is a very personal decision for each of us. For me, expressing gratitude daily is so important and actually makes me happy. Giving to someone else creates joy and happiness in my life; and possibly someone else’s life as well. Creating an impact in someone else’s life and not just focusing on what makes me happy brings me more gratification that purely looking at what makes me happy.

I’m confident that happiness can be a life-giving part of our lives. I’m proud when you choose happiness even when it may feel difficult. May you be filled with encouragement because happiness is right there in your life. Grab it!

For the encouragement to find happiness every day, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – Thank you for being part of all the wonderful things that have happened in my life. May I give myself permission to think that happiness only happens when my life is perfect. Together, may we find happiness right in the middle of my crazy, busy and often harried life. Amen.

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