Psalm 37:26 – Instead, I’ve found the godly ones to be the generous ones who give freely to others. 

Gratitude 676

Today is a great day … because I’m sharing the October organization for the Our Monthly Resolution.

It’s the Ben Jackson Foundation based in New Glarus, WI. Their mission is to help newly enlisted service people travel home from their first permanent duty station.

For newly enlisted military personnel, it is the important for service people to visit their family and friends at home. Travel expenses can be cost-prohibitive and cover a substantial portion of what younger enlisted personnel earn in a month. The Ben Jackson Foundation provides “Ticket Home Awards” to military service people. Once they have been stationed at their first permanent duty station, service people can apply for a “Ticket Home Award.”

The Foundation is in honor of Ben Jackson, who served in the US Air Force. About seven weeks before he passed away, Ben surprised his family and friends with a visit home from his base station in Japan. He had not been home in 14 months.

The Foundation budgets $500 per Ticket Home Award for domestic travel. With the upcoming holidays, we thought it would be great for Our Monthly Resolution to fund as many of these tickets home as possible so a few service people will be able to visit family and friends over the holidays.

We became aware of the Ben Jackson Foundation because a member of Our Monthly Resolution group suggested this as a potential organization. We agree this is another organization where we can make a difference. Our goal is to fund four domestic tickets. We have indicated that we prefer our funds be used to bring Wisconsin service people home. If you are from a different state, you can indicate a difference preference while making a donation.

Will you help us do this?

This video shares more about the Ben Jackson Foundation mission.

Donations can be made online at:

Or mail a donation to: Ben Jackson Foundation, PO Box 818, New Glarus, WI  53574

If your employer makes matching contributions, the Foundation’s EIN is: 83-2502445.

Please indicate that your contribution is part of Our Monthly Resolution.

If you know someone who should apply for this award, they can find the application information at:

Let’s help brighten some family’s holidays by raising funds to help service people get home this holiday. Thanks for being part of our little organization and making a difference in people’s lives!

FYI – for our October organization, Rick’s Toybox, we raised $986.95! Thank you for supporting them! Rick was overwhelmed with donations – cash and items from his wish list – and so very appreciative of our contributions.

For , another great opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – Being away from family and friends can be so difficult. We lift up those service people who are not near people who could support and encourage them. May we find it in our hearts the desire and opportunity to support these people by helping provide travel awards. Amen.

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