“I’m going to begin each day with God”

We make this promise. Sometimes, we do. Sometimes, we don’t. It’s easy to let the day begin without spending even a minute with God.

Here’s a way to ensure you begin your day with God. Sign-up to receive a short, daily text prayer. Sent directly to your phone. Every day.


Here’s what others say who receive the text prayers.

These prayers are RIGHT ON, every single day. I need to hear the words from Jesus… to the core of my soul. The good, the uplifting, the reminder of His omnipotence, and the gentle nudge to be better. To seek Him more fully. And it never fails, right on, every single day, at exactly the same time, God comes to me through words. I have found them so encouraging to share with my husband as we are enjoying coffee together to start our day. Thank you for offering these words of encouragement!

– Kris H.

“I was overwhelmed, worn out, empty, nothing left to give, tired with all that must be done. … I made the decision to end my employment … I was a bit unsure of my decision … what my life would look like without being actively employed. After a restless night, your text message arrived at 7 a.m. That was all I needed to know I was making the right decision. I was able to leave … no regrets and look forward to caring for my loved ones. Powerful words spoken at the right moment.

– Sue M.

I truly enjoy starting each day with your prayerful message. Many times, I feel you are speaking directly to me, they are that meaningful. Thank you for brightening dark days and for the motivation to turn them around. On the good days you give me positive focus and energy, thank you so much!

– Lisa E.

Shortly after I’d enrolled for receiving a texted daily prayer, I received a text from my boss instructing me to report to a clinic where all of their RN staff had called in sick. I was to be the one RN onsite, to do the work of three! I had great anxiety … how would I keep up, all kinds of dark thoughts in my mind. In the midst of this uncertainty, in came another text, my daily prayer! It immediately put me at ease; the words could not have been more appropriate. I went on to have a better day than I thought possible. I really felt God’s outreach in a very literal way!

– Betti P.

My soul is more at ease and content because of the daily morning inspirational text messages I get from Dianne. It’s a reminder of my true path, which is following Jesus.

– Robin D.

When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to my daily devotional text message. It sets my mood for the day and inspires me. I enjoy being able to look back at it throughout the day during challenging or reflective times. I am able to see devotions from today to two weeks ago for my reference to help inspire me in whatever I maybe facing. This has been truly a blessing in my life to help reset my focus on God throughout each day.

– Liz