When your life is over-full, over-committed and over-scheduled, there is likely a constant struggle to find deep satisfaction in your relationship with God, those around you, and yourself. Drawing on the biblical story of Mary and Martha, Dianne explores her transition from over-extended busyness to finding ways to simply sit at Jesus’ feet.


It’s not about what I think.
It’s about what others think.
In their words.

Wow! Reading this book has been like reading my own story. Who in our American culture today doesn’t elevate productivity? The Mary Experiment is a thought-provoking story of one woman’s journey to stop “doing” all the time and spend more time “being.” Sprinkled with relevant Bible verses, this book will inspire the reader to make practical changes toward a slower pace of life.

– Mary KH

This is the most enlightening and inspirational book I have had the chance to read. I will always be grateful to the author for sharing her Martha & Mary’s “gifts for giving”. You’ve restored my faith. I’ll be forever thankful.

– Karlene

Wow! Totally relatable book to make one think about how to lead a less busy life and stop being a Martha and become more like Mary. At the end of each chapter there are questions to make one think about what is really important and reflect on one’s daily actions. The author’s voice is real and helps guide the self reflection to help readers find balance our lives. It would be GREAT for a book club for busy moms.

– Cindi

Balancing life is difficult for so many of us. Dianne helps readers shift their focus to creating a more meaningful existence. She shares heartfelt stories of her own struggles to find balance and her quest to be a woman of God, balancing life the way he intends for us to live. Each chapter includes thoughtful questions for reflection. Dianne has a way with words and helps readers learn to live a faith-filled, balanced life with a little bit of Martha and a whole lot of Mary in our priorities. I highly recommend this book to anyone in search of balance. This is your ticket!!!

– Pamela

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