Gratitude Day 604

Job 22:22 – Listen to his teachings and take them to heart.

We are a society that often focuses on results. Tangible things that can be measured.

Scores of games.

Increased sales

Additional profit.

Higher test scores.

Percentage of residents vaccinated.

Number of deaths on a day, week, month, year.

But when it comes to God, return on investment (ROI) or profit per product has absolutely no meaning. God isn’t nearly as interested in these benchmarks as God is interested in what’s in your heart. Your soul. What makes you tick. Your capacity to love.

Today, let’s focus less on the tangible and more on the matters of the heart. The things that God finds important.

What does your heart yearn for today? It can be something completely intangible such as peace, love or mercy. It can be things that can’t be seen but only felt. These are the God-things that are important to God. I pray they are important to you as well.

What’s your heart missing? Take this before God. Wait. See what you might hear.

This is decreasing what you want and giving God space to increase in you.

This is Lent. This is where we can connect with God. May we take them to heart.

Thanks be to God.

For the opportunity to be taught by God, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – It is so refreshing to see the signs of the new season of spring that is clamoring more each day. Help me to appreciate even the slightest changes from winter to spring. May I drink them all in and celebrate Your glorious creation. Amen.

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