Gratitude Day 430

Mon., Mar. 30, 2020

Exodus 16:10: So, Aaron called them together and suddenly, out toward the wilderness, from within the guiding cloud, there appeared the awesome glory of Jehovah.

Yesterday, it happened. I realized that I feel like I’m stuck in the wilderness.

For the last two weeks, I’ve felt scattered. Undirected. Spending too much time listening to news, scrolling on my phone and distracted by things WAY. OUT. OF. MY. CONTROL.

The hours melt away. The days disappear. A scene of priorities, a schedule and thinking beyond the next short period of time seems difficult.

Don’t get me wrong. There have been good things. More time with Hubby Rick. Grandsons at our house for a few days. More cooking, sending cards, checking in on neighbors. These are all good things.

Yet, it also is becoming clear this current situation isn’t going away. Any time soon. In fact, it seems like another month of staying home, keeping ourselves isolated and limiting physical contact are the best recommendations for all of us.

Like it or not.

It just feels a bit like the wilderness.

Interestingly, wilderness time is also an opportunity to expand what feels comfortable in our lives. Discovering what is possible when so much of our “regular” isn’t currently on reality’s radar screen. We can explore some new things kicking and screaming … or, we can say, “Let’s try them and see what happens.”

And this, my friends, is what is happening in my life. All while I feel like I’m in the wilderness.

Last week, I hosted a Facebook Life Video that I am now calling Devos with Dianne. I plan to host these on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. Each week, we’ll look at a topic that is relevant and meaningful for today. Let me know if you have a suggestion! Please join me again this Wednesday night for another Devo with Dianne.

Yesterday, I hosted a live worship service, also on Facebook Live. I filled in for a pastor who has been experiencing some non-COVID-19 health problems. There were a few glitches and yes, I have room to improve. But when we take our first tour through the dessert, there are going to be new things for us to learn. Discover. Explore. And this is OK.

Finally, there is one other new experience I’ve recently stumbled upon. A Wisconsin-based agricultural organization had contacted me awhile back. Would I be interested in potentially recording some podcasts for them? Why, of course! Well it’s happened! In this first podcast, I share some suggestions and ideas of how we can care for ourselves and each other during this COVID-19 pandemic. I invite you to click over to the hosting website and take a listen:

Once again, as I listen to this podcast, I hear opportunities to improve. I’m very thankful for a new opportunity to explore how to share information in a quickly changing time in society.

So, even when we feel like we’re stuck in the wilderness, there are still opportunities to learn more about ourselves, each other, how to connect with one another and new ways of doing things.

Most importantly as we explore how to do this? Follow the great Cloud – Our Almighty God – who yearns to guides us on our way. Sometimes, it feels challenging to know when it’s something of our own volition and when it’s something directed by God. Allow yourself to spend time these wilderness days to be directed by God. When you allow this to happen, God is pretty good about showing up and helping us see the direction.

When we are feeling like we’re in the middle of a wilderness time, keep focused. God CAN and WILL provide great opportunities to grow. Yes, these days may feel a bit too challenging. Yet, they provide great opportunities for us to redefine our relationship with God. There’s a cloud longing to guide you. Keep your eyes peeled on the cloud. See what amazing things can happen.

For God’s journey with me in these wilderness days, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Few of us are willing to ready look at change. We just want things the way they always have been. This isn’t our reality right now. May we allow ourselves to become clay that is molded and shaped by you. Amen.

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