Gratitude Day 429

Fri., Mar. 26, 2020

Matthew 18:20: For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

This is the new normal.

This is now how business meetings are being conducted. Families keeping in touch. Friends connecting.

ZOOM has become our new go-to meeting hang-out.

Or Google Hangouts.

Or Facebook Live.

Or Messenger.

I’ve been a ZOOM user for years. I’ve used it for coaching. And meetings.

This week? I used it to connect with my God Squad group.

The earlier plan was to spend some time weekend time together. COVID-19 changed all of this. Instead, we hung out in ZOOM for a while. Checked in on each other. Found out what is challenging us most these days. How we’re dealing with kids at home. Working from home. Still going to work. How our loved ones are doing.

Right now, so many yearn for community. The opportunity to be with others. To share our hearts and our souls. To know we love and support each other.

All in a time when the new phrase “social distancing” has become the standard for how we live our lives.

And when we aren’t comfortable with these newer ways of communicating, well, we go back to what we know.

A note.

Held up to the door so all can see.

Notice where the man’s hand is?

Over his heart.

Just one more way this gentleman is conveying the sincerity of his message.

What must we remember?

Wherever two or three are gathered, I (the Lord God) am with them.

Two or three on ZOOM.

Two or three in Google Hangout.

Two or three in Messenger.

Two or three who read a note held to a window.

God is with them.

God is with you.

ZOOM away, my friends. God. IS. WITH. YOU.

For new ways to find community, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – we don’t need large groups of people together to know You are with us. Nope, we just need two or three. In community. Together. Thank you for always being with us. For helping us find community. For being You. Amen.

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