Gratitude Day 256

Fri., Apr. 19, 2019

John 19:30 – When he had received the drink, Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.


Can one story really change all of history?

I believe so.

Is it possible for one story to affect everything that happens after it?

Yes, it’s true.

We can read the story or watch the re-creation in a movie. We can hear the seven last statements Jesus says and try to understand who he is speaking to.

All noble, important and significant choices.


But unless we see this story as part of our story, we miss the point.

We gloss over the deep-seeded, never-ending love story.


I know. The details are difficult. The order doesn’t make sense. The timeframe gets blurry when reading all four accounts.

But it’s really this simple: either you believe this story changed history … or you don’t.


Either you see this story as a life-changing event in your story. Or not.

And when you see this story as an important part of your story, then you see the significance of today, Good Friday.

Was it really “good,” the day the Messiah died?

Only if we wait and see what happens on Sunday morning. If we stay stuck on Friday’s events, then it wasn’t really good at all. It was only awful.

For those who like hope, they wait. They keep silent. They anticipate. They know the story doesn’t end on Friday.

But they also know that Friday changes everything.


“It is finished.”

Thanks be to God.

For simple symbols that help us recall the events of Holy Week and Easter Sunday, I am grateful.

Lord God – sometimes, we don’t really want to look at what happened on that Friday about 2,000 years ago. We want to skip the parts of the story we don’t really like. May we see this story as part of our story. May we let the love found at the cross change how we view our lives. Amen.

Blessings –


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