Gratitude Day 257

Sat., Apr. 20, 2019

Acts 1:14 – They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers.

I shared earlier in the week how sometimes, Hubby Rick and I go to a faith-based movie on Good Friday.

Well, we did it again!

I know it sounds weird. A movie on Good Friday? Mind you, we are not regular movie-goers. We pay to go to a movie theater like once or twice a year. It may be a whole another year before we sit in those nice, reclining seats again …

Friday morning, Rick asked what I wanted to do. Mentally, I had a long list of things on my to-do list. But when he asks this? It’s his key words for “how about a date?” Or “how about some time for just the two of us.”

Breakthrough movie pic

I grabbed the opportunity and suggested going to the movie “Breakthrough.” I found the trailer online and we watched it. Soon, I was checking possible local movie times. While we usually have gone to church first and then a movie, we were attending an evening worship service. So, we went to the movie in the afternoon instead.

Based on a true story, in January 2015, John Smith fell through the ice in a pond. He was underwater for about 15 minutes and then rushed to a hospital where doctors could not get a pulse. The attending ER doctor was ready to proclaim his time of death. John’s mother, Joyce, walked into the room where John was. She prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to come and be with her son. Before long, John had a pulse.

Break Through praying

He was transferred to another hospital. A doctor with expertise in dealing with people who have been submerged in water was frank with John’s parents and said he didn’t expect the 14-year-old boy to make it through the night.

Break Through in hospital

John did. Joyce loved her son through impossible odds. People prayed for John’s recovery. Miraculously, John walked out of the hospital just a few weeks after the accident and returned to normal teenager life.

It’s a story of love, faith and never giving up. It shows the dynamics of a pastor and a family from the church he serves. We see how difficult it is for people to journey through crisis. We watch a community surrounds the Smith family with prayer, love and support.

Break Through dr

The movie also tries to deal with the difficult question of, “Why?” Why does it seem that God heals some people and not others? How does God choose who is healed and who isn’t? The harsh reality of life not always being fair is part of the story line. If you are looking for an exact answer to this question, I’m sorry. You will be disappointed.

Sometimes, people say, “I prayed, and God didn’t answer my prayer. I’m done praying.” Yep, this has happened. To thousands of people. Yet, there are John Smith examples when the unimaginable happens.

When Jesus died on Good Friday, nobody ever expected to see him alive again. Yet, miraculously, on Sunday morning, the tomb was empty. All those times he told his disciples that he was going to die and come back to life and no one seemed to listen or hear? Jesus proved that he lives up to his words. What he said would happen actually did.

If you feel God has not answered a prayer that you really, really wanted answered, I am sorry. It’s not that your faith isn’t strong enough or deep enough. I can’t answer the “Why?” question either. What I can say? Prayer makes a difference. Prayer can change you. Prayer helps us accept help and not journey alone through difficult and challenging times.

Break Through family

If you are looking for a movie of hope, prayer and faith, then Breakthrough maybe a movie for you to see.

For gratefulness of stories of hope and love and prayer, I am grateful.

Tomorrow, we can witness a miracle. It’s a miracle that is sometimes hard to believe and imagine. Whether we fully understand or accept this miracle, may we know that you love us right where we are at. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Blessings –


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