Gratitude Day 875

Isaiah 40:31 – But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.

OK – I’m being honest, here. I did something yesterday that is COMPLETELY out of my norm. I went to a live music concert. Honestly? It was a bit of an indulgence, which is not something I would regularly do.

But it was THE GROUP that I would want to see in concert.

You might be a bit surprised, unless you were one of my few college roommates. Then, you would know that all those decades ago, I had a vinyl record of this group that I played on repeat on my little record player. Over and over and over again. And my favorite song? It was played the most.

No, it’s not a Christian group. No, it’s not a super popular group these days. It’s one of those groups where most of the people at the concert will be at least my age or older.

Any guesses?

It’s The Eagles. And the song that got played on repeat over and over and over again? Desperado.

Yes, I know. It’s totally random. I enjoy a lot of Christian singers and have been to several concerts. But if there was one group that I’ve always wanted to see live in concert? It’s The Eagles.

They were within a few hours’ drive, so I bought two tickets. Hubby Rick’s interest in going? None. I drafted, yes, drafted one of those college roommates to go with me. Lisa has heard me play that record a million times. And she humored me.

Because the concert is Friday night, I planned ahead and planned this post before we went to the concert. If anyone expresses any interest, well, I might post a picture of Lisa and I at the concert later. If not, no big deal.

This is true friendship. She probably only knows the words to this one song because she heard it so many times. Doesn’t matter. I know many of the rest.

Why The Eagles? I LOVE their close harmony. The tight chords that are so cool. Do I know all about the band members? Well, not really. I am confident they probably have interesting pasts. But their music, the words, the songs: that’s what I enjoy.

Even their name is so interesting to me. The Eagles. Often, I have turned to this passage from Isaiah that refers to strength of the Lord. When we have this strength, we are like eagles, who soar, fast and slow, and never get tired.

As much as I’d like to soar like an eagle with seemingly endless energy, this is not me. Truth? I’ve been tired lately. Distracted. Lacking clear direction. I know this will get sorted out, eventually. But in the meantime, I’m just trying to journey with God. Be patient. Know that when I lack the strength I yearn for, God has it for me. God will carry me and be with me and hold me up, even when I am tried.

And this, my friends, is precious. Remarkable. Comforting. Just like my friend Lisa took one for the team and went to the concert with me, well, the Lord does this every day for me. Without hesitation. Without fanfare. With little expectation and lots of mercy and grace.

Wow. This is why I want God on my team.


This is why the symbol of the eagle is such a great one in our faith journey. When we aren’t able to do it ourselves, it’s OK. God will do it with and for us.

I don’t know what is going on in your world today. Whether you are struggling or not. If you aren’t, I’m confident you know someone else who is. Encourage them. Show up and model the Lord to them. Gently remind them that God will catch them when they are tired and are in a tailspin. God has my back, your back and everyone else’s back. And this, my friends, is worth remembering. Celebrating. Highlighting.

I sure hope you are doing something super fun this weekend. I’ll be the one singing Eagles songs all weekend, long after the concert is over. Remembering how my dear friend Lisa spent the day and night fulfilling my little dream. And being inspired that God is my strength day in and day out.

This, my friends, is worth honoring. Remembering. Sharing.

Have a blessed weekend.

Blessings –


Loving God – Thank you for being my strength when I struggle. Lack direction. Aren’t sure exactly where to focus and put my time and energy. Thanks for soaring with me daily and holding me tight in Your hands. May I draw upon your energy and encouragement today and every day. Amen.

Just in case you want to hear that song I love? Here it is. I know. It’s different from what I regularly share. Just listen to the wonderful harmony. And the words.

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