Gratitude Day 874

Proverbs 11:6 – The good man’s goodness delivers him; the evil man’s treachery is his undoing.

Have you ever heard of Control Z? It’s a little shortcut on a computer keyboard. And it’s a WONDERFUL thing!

Here’s how it works. You do something and then, you wished you could undo it. Simply hold down the Control key plus the letter Z and magically, the last thing that you did is undone! Really, it’s this simple!

I discovered Control Z years ago. Decades. It’s my favorite computer shortcut. Want a different word? Control Z. Don’t like the new font? Control Z. Wish I hadn’t put a photo in? Control Z. On my keyboard, Control Z might be the two hardest working keys on the entire keyboard. Seriously.

It’s such a simple and easy way to undo something. A quick fix. An easy solution.

Oh, how I wish I could Control Z other things in my life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just hold down two keys and simply undo that last thing that we did?

Not eat the last food we indulged in.

Take back some words that we said.

Think something through before taking action.

Stop something from dropping, breaking, falling.

Be more patient, less snarky, more kind.

Believe me. There are plenty of times every day that I wished I could just Control Z something in my life.

If it was only this easy to undo something that we just did. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Instead, we make the same mistake over and over.

We act too quickly rather than thinking something through.

We aren’t patient.

We say something hurtful or rude or sarcastic.

See what I mean? Why can’t life simply have a Control Z?

But it doesn’t.

Instead, it is up to us to offer up all the goodness we can. Avoid treachery (or deception) as much as possible. Think before we act or talk. If we do these things, we can actually Control Z our lives. Control Z is when we pause for a hot minute before doing or saying or acting too quickly. Be more patient. Slow down and think something through rather than simply reacting.

Control Z is available to us when we enlist God’s held in our daily lives. It’s a way to undo things before they even happen. Honestly, isn’t this better than Control Z anyways?

Blessings –


Loving God – As much as we would often like to undo something, maybe the best option is to avoid something before it happens. Fill me with Your wisdom today and every day. Challenge and encourage me to seek You first. Then, there will be less undoing.

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