1 Corinthians 12:1 – But it is the Spirit who does all this and decides which gifts to give to each of us.

“Some day I’ll have time …”

“Someday, things will slow down.”

“Someday, I will have the money …


Oh, friend, how often we have uttered these words. We wistfully dream into our futures and pray that someday, some of those things that we desperately want/need/hope for will happen.


But what if someday never happens?

What if we are so busy waiting and wishing for someday that our lives pass us by and whatever we thought was soooo important, remains unfinished? Uncompleted? Still a dream?

Well, maybe, it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

Or was it?

Something that is challenging for me is reminding myself to choose the most important and “best” things for me to do with my time and energy. There are a whole lot of things I theoretically “could” do. Am I dedicated my best time and energy towards those things that I am gifted at? Things that maybe someone else cannot do? Or, do I dedicated too much time towards the things that someone else could do and possibly do better than I can.

This past winter, we moved. One of our goals in moving was to go through a significant downsize. We bought a house one-third smaller than our previous house, which means we have at least one-third less space than we did previously. Our garage is smaller. The yard is smaller. Even though out current house is 100+ years newer than our last home, it has a lot less storage space, which means less places to hide things not in regular use.

While packing before our move, I was very intentional about getting rid of stuff. Hubby Rick and I were committed to moving less. We challenged ourselves to be intentional about we actually put in a box to be moved.

One day, I was going through some sewing and crafting things. Historically, I have sewed and crafted. But in the last 25 years, the time I have put into this has considerably decreased. My Mom and Grandmothers did a lot of needlework, fancying up pillowcases, dresser scarves, tablecloths and other items. I have lots of these completed projects, beautifully constructed by female family members.

I also had linens that were ready to have the fancy stitches on them. I had the appropriate thread to do this as well. What I have not had is time to work on these projects. And honestly, the desire. If I had time that I could choose whatever I wanted to do, sitting down and doing fancy needlework was not high on my life of things that I would do.

I held those linens in my hands and asked myself the tough question: “Someday, will you ever really want to do this? Or will you also have other things you would rather do first?” I knew the answer. There would always be something else that feels more important to me than doing this needlework. I’m quite confident the only reason I had hung onto them this long is because they had belonged to my Mom and Grandmother.

It seemed silly to move something that I would probably never complete. “Someday” was probably never going to happen with these projects. Rather than move them another time and finding a spot to store them, I put the whole kit-and-kadoodle into a “donate” box and they went off to find a new home. They were released for someone else to find them and turn them into beautiful linens.

My “someday” would be reserved for something else that feels more important to me and fits my wheelhouse more appropriately.

Here’s the deal. Too often, we wait for “someday” when we are never guaranteed a someday. If something is not important enough today, will there ever be a “someday” for this project? Be honest with yourself. Let this help lead your final decision as to whether or not something is valuable enough to invest time and energy into it.

The “somedays” sound good. Great. Important. But we do not know what amount of time lies in front of us. Somehow, we need to discern what things are “ours” to do and to let go of those things that are not part of our best gifts and talents.

Saying “No” is just as important as saying “Yes.”

And sometimes, it is SO HARD to say, “No.” It’s much easier to say, “Yes” even when we know it should be a “No.”

Little insight? I struggle with this almost daily. Yep. DAILY.

No, we cannot do everything we would like to do. There are simply some things that must be relegated to tomorrow or someday. But we also need to be wise enough to know when to let those things go that simply our cluttering our hearts and minds.

The things that should never be part of our “someday.”

Yes, we need space and time to care for ourselves. Yes, we need time to play. We definitely want to put our best energies and efforts into the things that bring us joy and happiness. This also means, there are some things that need to fall off of our “to-do” or “to-want” lists. And this is okay.

Dreaming is good. Great. Necessary. Yes, dreaming is also part of our “somedays.” But for those things that are best left for someone else to do? I hope we can give ourselves permission to let them go. Put the linens and thread in the “donate” box. Simply let them go because simple is better. Not every “someday” will or should happen. And it’s okay.

For permission to let things go, I am very grateful.

Blessings –


Merciful God – You get me better than I get myself, sometimes. You know my gifts and talents, as well as my limitations, more acutely than I do. May I allow myself to get serious about being okay about letting some things go. It really is okay for “someday” to never quite happen. Amen.

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