Psalm 103:8 –The Lord is merciful! He is kind and patient, and his love never fails.

Gratitude Day 822

We are into the season of spring. Slowly, the snow is melting in Wisconsin, the birds are chirping their way into our daily lives and we have glimpses of spring slowly appearing. Easter is just a couple weeks away!

Spring is also the season of new babies. Birds, lambs and rabbits. They start out so dang cute and irresistible! Then they grow up and become mischievous, adventurous and sometimes even naughty.

Hubby Rick and I are dog sitting this week. Katy is an elderly dog. She’s adorable and easy. Yet, she has a mind of her own. Sometimes, she only wants to do what SHE wants to do. A long walk? Are you kidding me? “I’m taking the short cut!” She sniffs and ruts and digs through piles of rubbish in the yard and fields. “If I hang out here longer, then I won’t have to walk as far,” I see her thinking.  

But don’t we do the same? We rut and dig through things, expecting to find some treasure, and we find ourselves in a rabbit hole that takes us away from our good intentions?

Yep, it happens to me all the time. Nearly daily.

This is how live goes. We get enamored with something and commit to making a change in our lives. We’re going to add XYZ to our lives because it would be good for us. Or eliminate ABC. We make a plan, and commit to it. But then a rabbit hole comes along, and we get side tracked.

We find ourselves spending too much time on our phones.

Checking social media or playing a game that easily distracts us.

We get sucked into watching one TV program which is quickly followed by the next episode of the same program and we HAVE to see what happens, right?

(You fill in the blank with whatever example you find happening in your life.)

Some rabbit holes are fine. We need down time and breaks and mindless things. These can be good. Doing games? Great for brain stimulation! TV program? A nice little escape from our day. Endless scrolling on our phones? Well, we can consume a lot of information that may or may not be good or helpful.

Some rabbit holes can take us on an adventure where we discover something new or interesting or amazing. Unfortunately, most of my rabbit holes are not as beneficial as others.

How do we know when to let a rabbit hole live and when should it be quashed? How do we discern this in our lives?  

Down time? We need it. We decide whether if a helpful form of downtime. What maybe downtime for me would be laborious for you. Some people find exercise relaxing and invigorating. Me? Not so much, although it’s important and good.

One way I look at these rabbit holes is whether or not the activity is draining energy and time OR giving me live and energy. If it is simply draining, then maybe it’s not a great rabbit hole.

Part of my Simple Is Better is being honest about the rabbit holes that regularly make their appearance in my life. The first step to doing something about them is recognizing them. You decide if the rabbit hole is draining energy or giving you excitement. You decide how much time you will dedicate towards something.

Are there times when we must or should do something even when it’s draining? Of course! There are simply times when we must plow through. My rabbit hole in this situation is a million reasons why I don’t have to do this.

Be honest with yourself. What are some rabbit holes in your life that drain your energy? Distract you and pull you away from doing the things you REALLY wan to do? How can you decrease their presence in your life? How might you decrease this rabbit hole in your life? What is something else you can choice to do instead?

Simple Is Better is also finding those things that drain us and reducing their hold on our lives. Starting to let go of some of those rabbit holes. You don’t have to completely eliminate them, unless this is best for you. But allowing for more space in your life for things you dream.

We can be like Katy and try to find an easier way. Or rut around hoping something will magically appear in our lives. Sometimes Simple Is Better is adding something to your life. Other times, it’s getting rid of. You chose.

What rabbit holes do you find in your life? Are there ones you want to embrace? And ones you want to decrease? It’s OK to write these down, have your list in a place where you will see it regularly and encourage you to let go of those rabbit holes.

It’s spring: a great time for a fresh, new start. Maybe start by being honest about the rabbit holes in your life and coming up with a plan of how to deal with these rabbit holes. I’m working on mine. Can I encourage you to do the same?

For taking time to be honest about my rabbit holes, I am grateful.

Blessings –

Lord God – Just like Katy, I often am committed to rutting around in the wrong things and find myself in a rabbit hole. It’s OK to learn and explore new things. Help me discern and sort out the helpful ones and slowly have less of the non-helpful ones in my daily life. Amen.

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