Mark 7:37 – They were completely amazed and said, “Jesus does everything well. He makes the deaf hear! And ·those who can’t talk he makes able to speak.”

Gratitude Day 803

Not being able to hear is something most of us have little experience with. Yet, there are people and families who are significantly affected when one person is not able to hear. Straddling the worlds between being able to hear and living with a person who cannot is a challenging situation. Yet, many families are in this situation.

Step in KODA Camp Midwest. This summer came is specifically for kids who have a deaf parent. The camp provides kids an opportunity to experience a week without the daily struggle of a parent who cannot hear.

Having a deaf parent is more challenging than most of us realize. These kids are living with a parent whose first language is not their own. Most do not share their parent’s experience of not being able to hear. These kids often feel challenged to find other kids who are in a similar situation.

This is where KODA Camp Midwest steps in. For one week, kids are able to experience life like many of their friends do. They discover that other kids live with their same situation. They enjoy the Makenzie Center, an educational learning center near Poynette, WI where kids stay and experience fun and new adventures.

KOCA Camp Midwest not only sponsors the camp. They help provide scholarships for kids who are not in a financial situation to afford the camp. Camps run during the summer and cost about $1000.

Our Monthly Resolution is partnering with KODA Camp Midwest to help raise funds for their student scholarship program. Donated moneys will help offset the cost of attending camp for students who need the assistance.

Will you partner with us in helping these families who have a student who wants to attend cummer camp and may not be able to financially afford to do so?

Here’s a video that shares more about what KODA Camp Midwest does.

Here’s how you can support the great work of KODA Camp Midwest:

Donate online at:

Donate something from their Amazon wish list:

Mail a donation to:

KODA Camp Midwest420 Meadow Oak Trail Deforest, WI 53532608-234-5049

If your employer can match your donation, KODA Camp Midwest’s EIN is 45-5311547.

When we help kids attend KODA Camp Midwest, we are providing them an opportunity to discover life like other kids. Will their parents hearing loss be healed? Probably not. But through this organization, they discover skills and opportunities that make a hug impact on their life. Together, let’s partner and help these kids!

Thanks for considering being a part of Our Monthly Resolution.

For the opportunity to help these kids, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Loving God – You love everyone, just the way they are. May I share love with those who have a parent who is not able to hear. I pray for KODA Camp Midwest and the impact they can halve on the students who participate. Amen.

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