Luke 12:26 – If you can’t do such a small thing, why worry about the rest?

Gratitude Day 741

I have spent too much of my life chasing the big stuff, only to discover that real life happens in the small stuff.

Watching the sun rise or set.

Going to Dunkin Donuts with a grandchild.

A leisurely brunch with a friend after months of too busy schedules.

Picking out flower baskets for the front porch.

A beautifully written note from a dear person.

Assistance when you are in over your head.

The smile on a person’s face when you’ve been able to help them.

Yes, I will always fondly remember my wedding day, the day I was ordained a pastor and other very special days in my life. Those days which required hours of dedication and commitment which culminated in some final ending point. These milestone days are significant and noteworthy.

But they are not the days which are most special to me.

The days that I hold onto tightly.

They aren’t the long phone call while driving down the interstate.

The empathy extended and received when an upsetting event happens.

The thrill experienced when a young person hits a double on their first up-to-bat of the season.

These are the things that rarely make it into an obituary but are the moments that are recalled in the stillness of life. When we allow our minds to slow down long enough to drink in what has been recently filling our soul. It is then we remember that rarely it is the big things that sustain us day-in and day-out of life. No, it’s the little things. The moments where we see God’s face and hands and movement in our life.

What little things have been filling your heart and soul lately? Make a list, if only mentally. Drink them in. Savor them. And create more of them today.

For the smallest moments of life where we see God, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – May I not take for granted the most precious of small moments in my life. May I appreciate the rich blessing that they are. May I see You in all of them.


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