Isaiah 58:7 – Share your food with everyone who is hungry; share your home with the poor and homeless. Give clothes to those in need; don’t turn away your relatives.

Gratitude Day 740

Audree Brunke is not your typical 12-year-old. Yes, she is a normal tween in many aspects. But in others? Not so much.

Audree is already in high school. As amazing as this is, I think even more unique is that she has already started a non-profit. That’s right. This 12-year-old started helping the homeless just a few months ago.

Here’s how she describes herself:

My name is Audree Brunke, I’m 12 years old and on January 6th, 2022, I founded Happy Feet of Madison. After hearing the challenges of a family friend who was previously homeless, I decided to make a difference by giving out socks to homeless in need. I’m a Freshman, and when I’m not playing Volleyball or playing with my cats, I devote my time to this cause. I truly appreciate your consideration in supporting the homeless through Happy Feet of Madison, Inc.

What does Happy Feet of Madison, Inc do? Their mission statement says: At Happy Feet of Madison, Inc, we make a big difference in the lives of disadvantaged people by allowing them to focus on one less headache, clean/new socks. We are deeply passionate about our cause, and our goal is to regularly provide clean/new socks to every homeless person in Madison.

Audree realized that when someone wears a wet sock or the same socks for a long time, they become sweaty and uncomfortable. Knowing that wet or dirty socks suck, she wanted a way to help homeless people who do not have the luxury of being able to go home and wash their socks. Hoping to provide homeless people in the Madison area with clean socks twice a week. This is why she started Happy Feet of Madison.

Listen to more of the story here:

We have chosen Happy Feet of Madison as our May non-profit organization for Our Monthly Resolution. We are so inspired by Audree’s story and her choice to make a difference we wanted to share her story and encourage others to support her organization.

Inspired by this story? Then we encourage you to support Happy Feet of Madison. Here’s how:

Donate online at:

Mail a donation to: Happy Feet of Madison, 2 Valhalla Ct., Madison, WI  53719.

For matching gifts, their EIN number is: 87-4411658

If you are in the Madison area and would like to donate socks, they can be dropped off at the locations listed here:

We realize that Happy Feet of Madison is relatively new and that it is ran by a 12-year-old girl. But her story has so inspired us that we wanted to share it with you and provide you an opportunity to join in her cause.

Most of us have never been homeless. Or not had access to dry and another pair of socks. It seems so simple: a fresh pair of socks or a dry pair. But for a homeless person, this is a luxury.

Let’s join together and help other support Happy Feet of Madison. If you prefer to find another non-profit organization in your area to support, please do so.

There is no minimum or maximum donation. We suggest at least $20, but you do you!  Whatever makes sense to you, it will make a difference!

Give clothes to those in need. The instruction is pretty simple. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to fulfill this instruction; one pair of socks at a time.

For the opportunity to assist the homeless, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – For most of us, all of our needs and so many of our wants have been provided for. Thank you for the opportunity to serve the homeless by providing them with something that is not a luxury but a necessity. May every pair of socks be a blessing to the person who receives it. Amen.

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