Matthew 13:16  – But God has blessed you, because your eyes can see and your ears can hear!

Gratitude Day 730

Yesterday, this realization happened. Today is April 1st. How could it be April 1st? So soon?

Yep. April 1

And as I looked outside the window, the yard was covered with white stuff. You know … snow. It wasn’t a ton of snow and the kind that melts quickly. But snow.

Everyone I talk to these days YEARNS for spring. We are so over winter. Snow. Cold. We want sun. Warmth. Flowers to bloom and trees to bud. It feels like forever since we’ve had these things that bring such joy to a person’s day. Yes, there will be mud. Actually, there already is mud.  We just want a tulip or a crocus or a green blade of grass to accompany the mud.

And yet, while I yearn for spring, I also know that I do not have to worry about what I will eat today. Where I will sleep tonight. If I will have adequate water or a place to go to the bathroom. None of these will be issues for me today. Tonight. Tomorrow.

I am a blessed person.

When the days feel a bit full or too quiet or lonely or too demanding, open up your front door. Stand there for a minute. Take in every sight and color and view from your house. Look up and see the clouds or the sky. Turn left and see your neighbors, no matter how far away they are. Turn right and smile that the sun is up, even if a bunch of clouds are hiding it.

I am blessed. You are blessed. We are blessed.

May we not forget it. May we see it someplace in our life today. And may we bless someone else in some small way. Do it because you are blessed and you can.

For the daily blessings in my life, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – Too often, we look at what we do not have rather than the abundance of all that we are blessed with. Today, may I truly see the blessed life I have. Amen.

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