Romans 12:10 – Love each other with genuine affection and take delight in honoring each other.

Gratitude 712

When I was in elementary school, we made our own Valentine’s Day boxes. Days before Feb. 14th, we decorated a shoe box or a cereal box with construction paper, markers and maybe a few stickers a few days before Valentine’s Day. Then, we waited patiently until Valentine’s Day when we could open the little Valentine’s cards the other kids in our classroom dropped into the box.

Some kids loved making these boxes. But I always felt a little unsure. What if someone didn’t want to give me a Valentine? What would happen then? (Of course, I wanted ALL of my classmates to like me.) No one wants to feel left out. I dutifully made sure every kid in my grade received a Valentine from me. No matter what.

Let’s fast forward to now. Hubby Rick calls Valentine’s Day (and other similar days) Hallmark Holidays. He believes the main reason for having such holidays is so we will all go buy Hallmark cards for our loved ones. This is why he isn’t super good about giving me something on Valentine’s Day. Like the time a number of years ago, I got a BIRTHDAY card on Valentine’s Day. He’d neglected to give me a card on my birthday, a month earlier. Therefore, rather than buying another card, he used the one he had: the birthday card.

Often, there are people who mean a lot to us and who we love that we want to  do something a little special for on Valentine’s Day. But we may not want to spend a ton of money or do something over the top. But we want to do something. What is appropriate? Easy? Fun? Something that says, “I love you” or “I care for you” without costing the inflated cost of a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day?

I’ve got you covered. Yes, we want to take delight in honoring those who are special to us. It’s important that we show affection; whether it’s a child, grandchild, spouse, aunt, sibling or just a really good friend. Here are seven easy ways you can tell someone you care for them in a fun and easy way.

Fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for Everyone You Love

  1. Make a handmade card. Seriously, this might be the single most important thing you could give them. Recycle old cards. Use whatever paper you have available. Cut it into a heart or glue little hearts on stiff paper. Most importantly? Write a heartfelt and personal message inside. Hand deliver or put in the mail.  
  2. Give them homemade cookies. My go-to is to make a double batch of sugar cookies. Cut the cookies out with a Valentine cookie cutter and frosted with a strawberry frosting. You can add some sprinkles or piped frosting if you want to get a little fancier. Line a box with a pretty napkin or parchment paper. Throw in a few pieces of candy. Tie a pretty ribbon around the box and tape a little note to the top. Done. No one time make cookies? Buy them and do the same.
  3. Pick up a fun movie and add a few bags of microwave popcorn. Bonus? Find some cute little popcorn holders and add to the box as well. This would make a great family gift, getting a movie that everyone will enjoy.
  4. Gift cards from a favorite eating place. I often give Subway or Culver’s gift cards to our grandkids and great nieces and nephews with a handmade card. This works great if you need to mail the gift.
  5. A handmade “coupon” for a future activity that you will do together. It could be dinner and a movie, a trip to the coffee or ice cream shop, doing some activity together like sledding or ice skating. For instance, maybe physical things aren’t your thing. Then a game of cards or other favorite game. Put the coupon inside a handmade card for bonus points.
  6. A framed photo they will love. It can be of anything they would like. Seriously – get it printed at a convenient place and pop it into an inexpensive frame. You might even get a tear with this one.
  7. A book that they will enjoy reading. If you need some suggestions, go to my favorite book list from 2021 and see what they might enjoy.

Too often, we Valentine’s Day is only for our partner or spouse. Not everyone has this person in their lives right now. Does this mean Valentine’s Day becomes a difficult day? NO. Please be the leader. In other words, instead of waiting for someone to give you something, decide to shower someone with affection this Valentine’s Day. Honor this person by sharing just a little something. Consider sending it or giving it to them a day or two early so it will not get lost in the shuffle of other Valentine’s they might get.

Keep It Easy and Fun

To wrap up, friends – while Valentine’s may be a Hallmark Holiday, I honestly do not think we can ever tell those we care about the most that we love them too much. Be creative and discover some little way to share your feelings with those who mean the most to you this Valentine’s Day.

For the opportunity to spread affection and honor an important person in your life, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Lord God – Thank you for the unconditional love that You give to me. Encourage me to extend this love and affection to those who mean the most to me. May I discover a special way to honor them this Valentine’s Day. Amen.

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