1 Corinthians 15:38 – But when it dies, God gives it a new form, a body to fulfill his purpose, and he sees to it that each seed gets a new body of its own and becomes the plant he designed it to be.

Gratitude 681

We recently had our first fall killing frost in our area.

The day before, I sat out on our front porch, admiring how beautiful the summer flowers continued to bloom. The begonias, coleus and geraniums still seemed to be near their peak. The long-lasting blooms and colors and leaves surprised me with this late October date.

In the afternoon, Hubby Rick mentioned that frost was in the forecast for that night. Maybe we should move the flowers into the foyer of house and keep them blooming for a bit longer?

So, we moved the flowers and their containers inside. We squished them together so we would be able to walk through the foyer. Suddenly, the house entrance looked like this.

As predicted, frost covered the ground and roofs and windshields the following morning. The brisk air helped me assess that our long Indian summer was over.

But my flowers were still blooming.

Frost is expected again tonight. The plants will hang out inside one more night. Then, we’ll move them back outside to stretch the blooming season and our beautiful flowers a few more days.

Soon, a day will come when their growing season ends. But in the meantime, I enjoy their vivid corals and greens and reds.

Wisconsinites often comment “how we get to see all four colors.” As one season changes to the next, I am annually amazed at just how this happens. How did its orchestrator ever dream up for seasons to change this way? Its dramatic process certainly is a brilliant reminder that Someone, Somehow had to determine this is the best way for seasons to end and new one to begin.

With freezing comes death. Death scares many people. It’s dark and drab and dreary. Death is not something many people look forward to.

But really, we should. Death is necessary for seasons to change. Life must end before it can begin again. Dying plants and flowers is a required step in the growth cycle. We have to give something up in order to have something new again later.

How many more days will the flowers continue to blossom? I am not sure. What I do know is that it helps to have something like them help tell us the story of life and death. When beauty is promised again in the future, death becomes less scary. We have hope of wonderful things yet to come and a promise for future life.

Jesus offers us this same promise and hope. Yes, his life and death are a lot more complicated than my front porch plants. But the life cycle repeats itself and we can honor and learn and respect this process.

I pray you enjoy this crisp fall day. Cold and winter are coming. But this also means new growth will be right behind.


For lessons from frost and flowers, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Thank You for another growing season. As the last days of it wrap up, may I see the glorious way you orchestrate creation. May we see lots of lessons from Your canvas today. Amen.

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