Psalm 119:96 – I’ve learned that there is nothing perfect in this imperfect world except your words, for they bring such fantastic freedom into my life!

Gratitude 680

We know that person in our live who we look at and say or think, “How does he/she do it all?”

While the exterior may look impressive and shiny and spit-shined just so, underneath all of that armor is a person who feels they cannot quite get it together.

Truth? Nobody can do it all. Not you. Not me. Not your favorite person nor the person who irritates you.

Life does not work this way. When we are thriving in one area of your life, there’s another area where you are feeling challenged. Unable to keep up. Wishing something they could figure out how to make it all work.

But this is not how life works.

When you are regularly exercising and working out, you may find yourself falling behind at work. If you mindlessly watch a couple hours of television every day, then those projects you have been wanting to do for a long time remain undone. When you are managing your finances and resources well, then the house may be a little dustier and dingier.

Succeeding at one area of life means you are falling behind in another. This is simply one of life’s tradeoffs.

Of course, this does not mean some of us TRY to do it all. And fail miserably.

Most days, I make a to-do list that should really be a to-do list for the week. I find myself challenging myself to try and accomplish so many things that I’m scattered. And then, very little actually gets crossed off the to-do list. Balls are regularly dropped because I try and give too many things a little bit of my attention rather than focusing on the really big things that are most important to me.

Many women have this idea that we are supposed to be able to do it. Have a beautiful home-cooked meal and every last string carefully tied up with work. But more likely, there are piles of laundry lurking nearby and an overstuffed email in-box.

So, for today, can we let go of trying to be perfect? Can we stop feeling guilty about the thing we’re not getting done and make sure we give light to the few things that truly are the most important to you right now? Fail at the things that are not the most important to you; not the things that are your biggest priorities.

What’s the truth that I am trying to live these days?

I don’t have to do it all.

And it will be OK.

What’s your truth for today?

Gentle reminders that being perfect is not possible, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything just right? Why do we try to do it all too often? Because we don’t trust in ourselves not in You. May You help me be clear about what my most important things are right now and encourage me to not let these balls drop. Instead, may some of the other balls be OK with getting dropped.


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