Gratitude Day 617

Psalm 16:9 – My heart and soul explode with joy—full of glory! Even my body will rest confident and secure.

Sometimes, we just need a little something to bring a little light and brightness to our world.

My go-to is often ice cream or something that I put into my mouth. I’m trying to find little things that are more long-lasting than this and something that make me smile for days to come. Rather than, like 30 seconds.

Earlier this week I stopped at a place that had a collection of Martha Washington geraniums at the entrance. I looked at them and sighed. May times, I remember going flower shopping with my Mom in the spring. And when we’d see the Martha Washington geraniums, we’d stop and look at them. And we’d both end up buying a couple.

So, when I saw these pots of geraniums this week, I thought of those times when we’d be picking out some to take with us.

Of course, I picked up one this week.

It’s way to early to put flowers outside here in Wisconsin yet. Most likely, it will freeze yet! So, I put Ms. Martha in a cute bucket that I had and put it in our parlor. Now, every time I walk past her, she makes me smile.

Question for you: what is one little thing that you can have in your life that will just add some joy and light and happiness? How might you bring that joy into your life … today?

Some people took advantage of being home a lot more this past year and worked on projects they enjoyed.

Carrie Underwood is one of those people. Normally, she would have been touring. But with the pandemic, she was home. A lot. Her pandemic project? She recorded an album of hymns. These are traditional hymns with her twist on them. This week, I listed to some of them online and thought they were great background music while I was working. Treat yourself. Listen to some of them this week.

We have started thinking about our summer garden. Well, maybe Hubby Rick has done more than thought about it.

While at the store recently, he saw a display of seeds. Naturally, he brought home a bunch. Once home, he announced that he is going to grow his own tomato plants this year.

Of course, we didn’t have the pretty containers that most people start seeds in. I gave the ones that I would have had to my friend Lisa who starts like a bazillion seeds. Mr. Resourceful, Rick figured out how to use what we have.

Have I ever mentioned that this guy is one of the most resourceful people I know? If you look closely, yes, those are Culver’s drink cups that now have little tomato or cucumber seeds planted in them. Rick announced to me a couple days ago that the cucumbers are up. He’s so excited! Yes, this is one of those things that is bringing joy and light to his life right now.

Another reason for JOY? It’s the week after EASTER!! People of faith – may we see ourselves as Easter people every day!

For tiny bits of daily joy, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – May I be encouraged to see all the joy that I can today. Not the challenges or the disappointments or the things that cause me hurt and pain. Help me set aside the anxiety and instead find joy today. Amen.

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