Gratitude Day 570

Matthew 15:10 – Then Jesus turned to the crowd and said, “Come, listen and open your heart to understand.

We’ve witnessed it happening. Maybe you’ll remember a specific time you’ve witnessed this.

A child repeats over and over, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” And Mom keeps washing the dishes. Reading the paper. Folding laundry. Doing anything other than answer the noisy child.

Or maybe it happens this way. Your partner or spouse or person you dearly love speaks in a very LOUD voice, “Honey, I need you!”

Crickets. Nothing. Nada response.

Now, the person trying to get someone’s attention uses a higher decibel volume. “Honey. Honey. HONEY!”

And they feel like their speaking to thin air.

No response.

When we’re the one wanting someone else’s attention, we will do all kinds of acrobatics to get their attention. Increased volume. Waving hands. Maybe even get into their face. We simply want to be heard. Acknowledged.


If we’re the one on the receiving end of these high-end requests, we’ve probably gone to our happy place. We’re in a zone. And the last thing we want to do is leave our safe and calm place for chaos.

And so, we ignore. Avoid. Tune out.

It amazes me how long some people can simply keep tuned out. It kind of drives me crazy watching this all unfold. I want to shake them. Plead with them to simply respond. I feel bad for the person who is just waiting to hear back.

When we’re the one trying to get someone’s attention, it’s frustrating when we’re ignored. We come back with dramatic responses like, “What if I was dying?” Or “Are you ignoring me?” (Really? Do you have to ask!) Our noses get all bent out of shape and our knickers get wadded up and we’re convinced that we’re the only one who’s ever had to deal with this.

But if I were honest, like REALLY honest, I would see this is often how I communicate with God. I’m the one yelling and demanding attention and upset and frustrated and disappointed when it feels like all I get are crickets in return.

When we are ready and willing to chat with God, well, shouldn’t God IMMEDIATELY respond? Why should we have to wait? Isn’t it God’s responsibility to just be there ALL. THE. TIME? You know, it could be a life-and-death situation!

Here’s the funny thing. When we want God’s attention, we often want it NOW. YESTERDAY. And feel let down and disappointed and ready to walk away from God when there’s no response.

But what about all those times when God longed for us to just stop and say, “Hi!” Or when God tried so extremely hard to get our attention over and over … and we were “too busy.” Or God was just hoping that we’ve find a few paltry seconds to share. But we were too tired or too overwhelmed or deemed that it wasn’t worth our time because would God even show up?

Here’s the deal. God is there. ALL. THE TIME. Every second of every day. Just waiting for us to show up. And time and again, we don’t. Or when we do, it’s for like half a millisecond.

So, on this second day of Lent 2021, could we just show up with God? J.S.T – Just sit there and be with God? Not assume that God will make this grand revelation in our lives. Can we be OK with just knowing that being with God is enough … even if we don’t seem to get an answer to this life-long challenging we’ve been trying to fix?

Can I ask you to just show up today? Spend 10-minutes only with God? Set a timer if it would help. Just be. Listen. Maybe you’ll hear something. Maybe you won’t. Be OK with either response. God’s been calling your name for a long time and there’s a good chance you’ve been ignoring it.

Today, say “Yes” back. Today, allow space for God to say something to you. It could be profound. It could be silly. It could be nothing. It could be everything. But unless we’re ready to listen, we may not even know God’s there. Just waiting for us to respond to God.

Listen. That’s all we have to do today. Simply listen.

For God, this WILL be enough.

May it be enough for us.

For a God that doesn’t stop listening even if I have, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – How can You ever forgive me for all the times when You had a message for me, and I couldn’t take the time to listen? Thank goodness You are far more forgiving than I me. May I create space and time to simply be with You. You’ve already shown up. Now, it’s my responsibility to show up as well. Amen.

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