Gratitude Day 531

Sat., Nov. 7, 2020

Psalm 65:13 – The grazing meadows are covered with flocks, and the fertile valleys are clothed with grain, each one dancing and shouting for joy, creation’s celebration! And they’re all singing their songs of praise to you!

The sunsets in our neck of the woods have been fantastic the past number of days. Beautiful pinks, purples, oranges and reds all mixed together to create a palate that has been so breathtaking.

On Thursday afternoon, I was working in my office, as I do many afternoons. Hubby Rick had just finished mowing lawn. He stopped by to tell me we had a date and I needed to be ready to leave. Soon. Like, right away. It was late afternoon and he wanted us to climb up Gibraltar Rock and watch the sun set.

Gibraltar Rock is a natural formation not too far from our house. There’s a 15-minute climb which ends with a rock cliff overlooking the valley below. We’ve climb it a few times this summer. Every time, Rick mentions about being there to watch the sunset.

This afternoon, we timed it exactly right.

I think Rick envisioned this romantic, private sun-setting viewing. Apparently, a few other couples had the same thing in mind as we were one of multiple couples perched on the edge of Gibraltar Rock catching the very last rays of the sun on this particular day.

We watched the deer come out for feeding in the harvested soybean field below. We could see the Wisconsin River to the right and watch a late-afternoon boater take in the sunset as well. A low flying plane caused all the sunset watchers to gaze up and watch as it circled our little location.

And for a few moments, time stood still. The sun dipped lower and lower behind the horizon. No one talked about the pandemic nor the election. We just sat. Watched. Drank in the array of colors that accompanied the sun’s last rays of the day.

It was a near-perfect date. And just what I needed.

Time to sit. Be. Watch. And nothing else.

If your heart is feeling a little too full of something that is distracting you these days, make a date with a loved one or yourself. Go. Sit. Be. Watch. And nothing else. Admire the beauty of God’s creation. Be overwhelmed with colors that get mixed together and somehow work. Watch those little things going on around you. Know that today was a good day to be with God.


For each and every day, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Almighty God – Even when things feel slightly out of control, may we see You in creation around us and be reminded that You’ve got this. And we just need to simply trust in You. Amen.

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