Gratitude Day 463

Mon., May 25, 2020

Psalm 33:20 – We put our hope in the Lord. He is our help and our shield.

This. This is the symbol for today, Memorial Day.

Yet it has more personal meaning for me. Attached to the flag is a tag with this information:

Richard Deaton

US Army – Korea

This is my Dad’s flag. It’s a flag in honor of him that the Augusta VFW has in honor of him. On Memorial Day, the local VFW displays a flag for every veteran that used to live in Augusta and has died. (Well, except those Memorial Days when it rains. Because some of the flags are so fragile, the flags are kept safely stored on rainy Memorial Days.) This is the flag used to honor my Dad.  

When the weather is acceptable, hundreds of flags line the streets and cemetery. It’s a breath-taking sight. Current members spend hours preparing, hanging the flags, and then storing them afterwards. It’s truly a labor of love in which the respect local veterans and their service.

My Dad served in the Army during the Korean conflict. He was stationed in Germany as part of the Cold War defense. Yet, his service there qualified him as a Korean War vet. Dad spoke very little about his time in the service. I know this isn’t unusual, as it’s difficult for folks who have not served to relate and understand.

On this Memorial Day, many celebrations, parades, and gatherings have been cancelled. I pray we still find ways to remember this important day. Recognize those for whom this day is set-aside. Appreciate the freedom and choices we have in this country; opportunities we have because freedom is something others have guaranteed through their service.

Shields are important because they offer protection and safety; from enemies, from people who can lead us down a challenging path; from natural occurring events that are destructive.

We all need shields in our lives, not just for spiritual reasons but for other reasons as well. Yet, may we always see God as the one, true protector and shield in our lives. I pray as we see flags out and about today, we’ll pause. Reflect. Be thankful. Appreciate. Honor. Remember.

For God’s shield of protection in my life, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Almighty God – we thank you for the many, many ways that You protected us each and every day; especially the ways we do not see. Amen.

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