Gratitude Day 434

Sun., Apr. 5, 2020

Matthew 27:54: The soldiers at the crucifixion and their sergeant were terribly frightened by the earthquake and all that happened. They exclaimed, “Surely this was God’s Son.”

COVID-19 or not, it’s HOLY WEEK!

I’m not sure this pesky little virus checkout the calendar before it began its blanketing surge across the country and literally the world. But, COVID-19 is here. And so is Holy Week.

My deepest prayer this week is that my sisters and brothers in Christ WILL CELEBRATE HOLY WEEK. Honor the last events of Jesus’ life. Read and retell the stories. Find creative and simply ways to make this a special week, even if you never get the opportunity to step inside a church building.

You can take Holy Week worship services out of the buildings … but I want us to demonstrate that you can’t take Holy Week out of the hearts and souls of the people.

To assist us with this, here is a “Celebrate Holy Week 2020” guide. Each day, there is a rather simple way to honor Holy Week with an activity for your entire family. If you are staying in place by yourself, call up a friend or family member and do the activity together whether it be over the phone, via Facetime, Facebook Live or ZOOM. Be creative. Find a new way to do these things which I pray will keep Holy Week alive and well in your spirit.

I tried to utilize things that we would have at home for each day. If you don’t have something, please do not get frustrated. Find your own way to make a Holy Week tradition continue.

On Wednesday night, I’ll be hosting Devos with Dianne at 8 PM Central Time. Please join me and have a piece of bread or a cracker along with a glass of juice with you. I’m looking forward to celebrating one of my favorite Holy Week traditions with you during this time.

Yep, Holy Week WILL be different this year. BUT with a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, we CAN have the most meaningful Holy Week ever.

For the promise and hope of a great Holy Week, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – whether there is a worldwide pandemic right now or not, I pray we all find little but very meaningful ways to remember and celebrate Holy Week this week. Speak to me and so many others in a very powerful way this week. Amen.

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Here is Celebrating Holy Week 2020 in PDF form.

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