Gratitude Day 392

Fri., Jan. 24, 2019

Proverbs 14:29: Patience leads to abundant understanding, but impatience leads to stupid mistakes.

TRUTH: I made a stupid mistake this week.

It’s amazing how one little number can create havoc.

For my real-life work, I handle the promotional and marketing materials for a small agricultural company. This week, I sent out an e-mail newsletter. And one little number needed to be changed. And I didn’t make the change.

TRUTH: This is NOT the first time that I have made a stupid mistake. Stupid mistakes happen in my life EVERY. SINGLE WEEK. It’s just that this week, well, a whole bunch of people could read the mistake.

This one wrong number let to phone calls, e-mails and various inquiries if the information in the newsletter was correct or not. My little mistake lead increased the workload unnecessarily for other people who work for the same company. This was certainly NOT my intention.

But it happened.

TRUTH: My boss realized this mistake before I did.

It’s embarrassing when someone else figures out your mistakes before you do. Especially for a person, like me, who wants things right. Perfect. Just so.

When the e-mail came to me addressing the mistake, there was only one way for me to deal with it. Accept responsibility. Clearly state that it was MY mistake. Apologize. Acknowledge that I realize MY mistake affected other people.

Rather than fretting about the mistake, it’s best for me to deal with it and move on. Otherwise, I replay the situation over and over and over in my brain.

This is NOT a good utilization of my energy nor my time. And it really becomes a HUGE distraction.

TRUTH: I will make mistakes today. Tomorrow. The next day.

It’s not that I intentionally try to make mistakes. I move too quickly. Or I’m not patient enough. Or I am more focused on getting something done and then, the one little number doesn’t get changed.

It’s just a bit more embarrassing when others can read all of your mistakes.

TRUTH: Just one letter or number can make a huge difference.

I once sent out an ad (many, many years ago) with huge letters at the top of the ad with this word:


This ad when to hundreds of thousands of people. No, the editor didn’t catch it. Nor the sales rep that saw it also before production. Everyone read the word like I did and assumed it said:


But it didn’t.

TRUTH: Life is full of so many instances where we are SO CLOSE … but one letter or one number from being just right.

Some people can roll right with it. Others, like me beat ourselves up for that one letter or one number that isn’t right. Over and over.

TRUTH: God accepts us just the way we are. When we’re so close to being amazing … but we aren’t. When we make one or two letter or number mistakes. When we REALLY screw up. When we choose not to listen to God’s messengers who come into our lives. When we give up on something or ourselves.

God is there, ready to pick up the pieces and love us just the way we are. Warts and all. Wrong letter and all. Wrong number and all.


TRUTH: YOU are AMAZING, no matter what.

Yep, You. AMAZING. Special. Unique.

And God loves YOU just the way you are.

Even if some of the rest of us think there should be a little tweaking. YOU are AMAZING.

Even when you forget to change a number. Or a letter. Or something else that is a mistake.

THANK GOODNESS we have a loving God that always, always, always loves US.

For a God who loves me in spite of me not being perfect, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Dear God – how you continue to love when, even when I’m sometimes unlovable, is AMAZING. Thanks for overlooking my faults. My errors. My mistakes. My shortcomings. Help me to be less judgmental +of others and follow Your example of loving others no matter what. Amen.

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