Gratitude Day 391

Mon., Jan. 20, 2019

1 Thessalonians 4:1-2: Let me add this, dear brothers: You already know how to please God in your daily living, for you know the commands we gave you from the Lord Jesus himself. Now we beg you—yes, we demand of you in the name of the Lord Jesus—that you live more and more closely to that ideal.

Most often, I begin my day like this. While still in bed, I say a short prayer to God, asking for guidance and wisdom throughout the day. “Help me focus on the most important things for me to seek today,” I ask over and over and over.

Focus lasts, on a good day, about, oh, 30 minutes. I make coffee, begin to think through what priorities I have for the day. Before I know it, I’m soon sidetracked by things that simply pull me away from focusing on what’s most important.

I see something on my phone and get lead down a rabbit trail.

Something on the internet pulls me into a hole of wasted time.

One call or e-mail changes up the entire day.

All of those great intentions before I rolled out of bed in the morning seem and feel like a distant request.

Yes, there are days that I get back on track. Refocus. Remember what’s most important. I still get good things done and even cross a few things off a to-do list. But it’s oh, so easy to lose focus of finding the most important things that I should seek in a day.

Most days, I prioritize time in the morning to spend moments with God. I have a consistent routine that I follow. Yes, this helps with focus. But it’s unrealistic to think that a few sentences of prayer in the morning will bath my entire God with good choices and me seeking guidance from God.

The last few days, I’ve been trying a new thing: finding God through pictures. I’ve always admired photographers and would love to be one of those people who cranks out beautiful pictures that people ohh and ahh about. But I’m not.

Nonetheless, I CAN use a camera … even my phone camera … to see God in a slightly different perspective. In the very simplest of things in life. So sometime throughout the day, I’ve been picking up my phone and taking just one or two pictures that remind me to slow down and seek God. Right then. Right now. In the middle of the day. Or the end of the day. Or somewhere in-between.

The pictures are ordinary. Simple. Natural. Nothing extra-ordinary. They challenge me to find God in the simplest of things in my very ordinary, vanilla days.

I could keep these photos to myself and let it be. But … I’m challenging myself to take it one small step further. Lately, every day, I’ve posted these photos on my social media accounts; on Facebook and Instagram. I write just a few sentences of what I found in the simple moments that the photo was taken. What inspiration I’ve discovered in my day. Where I hear and feel God speaking to me.

I’m calling it my daily photography devotion.

I’ll be honest. Sometimes, I struggle with social media. Yes, I have Facebook and Instagram accounts. Historically, I’ve posted some but certainly not every day. Well, I post these blogs on Facebook every time I write one. But really, this is what I share the most on social media: my blog posts.

I’m hoping these photos will be just another little way to connect with folks. To challenge myself and others to find God in our simple, ordinary, vanilla lives. To celebrate and be grateful for where we can see God. To orient ourselves sometime during the day to seeking God, God’s wisdom and guidance in what I do throughout the day.

So, I would love to have you follow me along with these photos. If you are on Facebook, please friend and follow me at Dianne Deaton Vielhuber. PLEASE make sure you follow my PERSONAL account! If you see my name next to a logo with an animal in the center, this account is for my work! (You can follow this if you’re into bulls and cows and such. But you won’t find my daily photos here!)

I also have a Facebook page for Simple Words of Faith … and I’ll begin sharing the photos there as well.

On Instagram, find me at diannedeatonvielhuber.

I’d love to hear feedback on the photos and sayings as well. If you find the photos or thoughts inspiring, PLEASE encourage others to follow these as well.

I know not everyone is on social media. IT’S OK!! We don’t all have to be. I anticipate some of those photos showing up in my blog posts as well from time to time.

One of the reasons I write this blog is to encourage others to find faith in the simplest of ways in our daily lives. Faith doesn’t have to be complicated, difficult or feel out of reach. I believe faith should be part of our daily triumphs and challenges. In reach. The little ways that we find gratitude and inspiration.

Thanks for following along in this journey as I share simple ways that I find faith in my life. I pray that it inspires you to do the same!

For finding God in the simplest of ways, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Forgive me for all the days I plan to take you along … and leave you in the dust. Forgive me for getting distracted and pulled away for focusing on You. Thank you for placing it upon my heart the opportunity to find you in pictures … in the simple areas of my life. I pray this is another great way for me to connect with You. Amen.

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