Gratitude Day 374

Wed., Dec. 11, 2019

Psalm 83:1: God, don’t be silent! Don’t be quiet or sit still, God,

I wish that I had come up with this quote. But I didn’t.

Yet, it speaks to me.

It reminds me that when I pray, listening is JUST AS IMPORTANT as speaking.

Maybe even more important at times.

So often, we love to hear ourselves speak. We talk louder than others so our voice drowns out every other voice. We don’t let people complete their thoughts without interrupting with our own two cents. We think we know the “right” answer before someone else has concluded their thoughts.

But we aren’t always right.

Sometimes, we just need to sit. Be still. Listen.

There’s a reason why God designed us with two ears and one mouth.

If only we’d remember this.

Be quiet. Be still. Listen for God.

Not bad things to do during Advent.

For encouragement to be quiet more than to speak, I am grateful.

Holy God – so often, we quit praying because we don’t think you’ve answered our prayer. But honestly? Too often, we don’t get the answer we think we want. We bring all of our intentions upon you and get disappointed when the answer is something other than what we want. Challenge us to listen more and let go of our desires.  Amen.  

Blessings –


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