Gratitude Day 337

Fri., Oct. 11, 2019

Philippians 1:3: Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.

It’s amazing how two words can carry so much weight. Impact. Opportunity.

“Thank you.”

It takes like 1.2 seconds to say these two little words. But, oh, the impact they can have.

I’m not sure who developed the concept of giving thanks. Or saying, “Thank you.” Well, maybe I do but that’s my own idea. Thank God, literally, that these words became part of the English language.

They are two of my favorite words.

My Mom taught me well. When someone does something for you, send them a thank you. Other times to send one? When someone is especially nice. Or extremely thoughtful. They deserve a thank you. A handwritten thank you. On real paper. With a stamp on the envelope so it can go through the mail.  

I’ve written hundreds of thank you notes. Well, probably more like thousands. At one point, I thought owning stock in Hallmark might be a good idea. When in a store that sells cards, I often swing by this section just to see what they have for notecards. And thank you cards. Something that I can use to write a note to someone else. I remember all the options that I have at home … and still, sometimes walk out of the store with more options.

As much as I love sending cards, receiving a thank you card always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Did someone send it to me because their Mom insisted on sending out thank you’s as well? Or is it a heart-felt thank you?

Last night, I received a thank you from a group of high school girls. Completely unexpected. Wasn’t on my radar screen. So, when it ended up in my hands, I felt a little giddy opening up. What would be inside?

The sweetest message from 10 high school seniors.

It made me feel special. Appreciated. Glad that I was able to do something special for them.

Know how to make someone feel special today? Send them a card. A note. A thank you. Make someone’s day.  

I pray that saying “thank you” never goes out of style. We need people in every generation and of all ages to know the importance of doing this.

There’s power in words. There’s power in, “Thank you.”

The question came from the back seat of the car. Articulated by our seven-year-old grandson, Dylan.

For remembering the power of “thank you,” I am grateful. 

Dear God – How shallow life would be without the words, “Thank you.” Thanks for creating a way for humans to express appreciation. Place in my heart and mind someone that I can bless with a thank you today. Amen.

Blessings –


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