Tues. 22, 2019

2 Timothy 3:16 – Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character,


Take a close look at the picture. I know … it’s not that interesting. But let me point out something important. Do you see on the stuff BELOW the shelf on my desk? The boxes with scissors and pens, paperclips and notepads, sticky notes and then the bigger box? The box with my version of a rolodex, camera and a couple DVD’s that I need to return? Yes, some of us still do keep paper files of contact information. (For those too old to know what a rolodex is, this is where people used to store all of their contact information. Before we had phones glued to our hips and hands.)

OK, all that stuff. It used to be on TOP of the shelf. And had been for the 3+ years I’ve had my desk in the current office space I use.

Well, a couple weeks ago, I looked at all of that STUFF on the TOP SHELF and decided it had to go. It needed a new home. It needed to be not the first thing that I see when I look up from my computer and towards the wall.

I wanted more inspirational things than old boxes with pens, markers, scissors and such. Yes, the little wooden boxes are kind of cute. In fact, they are old cheese mold boxes. To prove this, they have words like “Kraft” and “Windsor Club Cheese” on the side.”

But I digress.

When I look up from my computer, I wanted to see things that inspire me. Not a bunch of stuff that is, well, just there so I can grab quickly when I need something. Yes, I still needed that stuff nearby. But the first thing that I see?

So, I began a quick little office desk make-over.


First, I cleaned everything off of my desk, including my laptop. And then, I started over. I put the boxes with stuff under the shelf. I moved the files around in the cubbies on the end of the shelf. I went looking for artwork and pictures and things that inspire me. Yes, the big picture with the Holstein cow had been hanging above my desk. I knew that I wanted to keep this. I just wanted a few other things to put ON the shelf that remind me of why I do the things that I do each week. I found the “Grateful” picture holder my sister Debbie gave me. I found a picture of Jesus coming down from the cross that I bought while traveling in Europe. I found a picture of Hubby Rick and I with our grandkids … and then had to go find a picture frame to put it in. I found two Bonnie Mohr prints, who happens to be my FAVORITE artist. While Bonnie has painted lots of agricultural scenes, I love her inspirational work and included two of these on my inspirational wall. And see the little candle on the end? It was given to me by my friend Betty, right before Christmas. For no reason at all, other than just to say, “Thank you.”


I’m not sure if the wall will help me be a better writer. Or be more diligent about my work. But it sure is a lot prettier to look at.


We all need inspiration. When we read scripture, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the very words we read were inspired by God. These words are given to us a gift to challenge us to look at our daily living and see where we might just need a bit of fine tuning, a little correction, a little forgiveness asking.


I know that most of the ideas I share on my blog aren’t really unique to me. Most ideas actually came to me through some type of inspiration. Something I read here. Something I noticed there. Something that I saw in my life and thought maybe might be inspiration to someone else as well.


What inspires you? How do you surround yourself with things that are important and inspiration to you? Where can you build yourself a little inspiration wall of your favorite things?


For inspiration that comes to me in many different ways, I am grateful.

Lord God – what an inspiration You are to many! Through your biblical words, the design of nature, the community of brothers and sisters we see daily. How could anyone other than You create such an amazing world! Please keep inspiring us to be Your hands and feet of Your kingdom.  Amen.

Blessings –


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