Mon., July , 2018

Job 18:7 – Their strong strides slow down; their plans trip themselves.

Friday night fish with friends

A car/truck/tractor/motorcycle show

Visits with good friends

Long walks

New kayaks

Cruising Devil’s Lake with our new finds

Brunch with Hubby Rick on the porch

Grad party

Unearthing the air conditioner with +90-degree temps

Swinging in the backyard

Watching a movie

More sleep

Less doing

It was a good weekend.

Completely planned this way?


Good decision to make it so?

You bet.

Life only slows down when we chose to let it slow down.

It’s a slow-down kind of week.

A shorter work week for many.

Make it slow down.

Let plans evolve.

Drink in today.

It’s the present and a gift.

For this I am grateful.

Lord God – for those who struggle with “being” over “doing,” may we find the joy of “being” this day, this week. For today is the present. It’s a gift. Thank you for today. Amen.

Blessings –


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