Wed., Mar. 1, 2017

Matthew 18:14 – That’s how it is with your Father in heaven. He doesn’t want any of these little ones to be

Monday night, I misplaced my phone for a few hours. Notice, I said “misplaced.” Not “lost.”

I worked late at the church. When I arrived home, I put away the groceries, got the mail and sat down to sort through it. A couple hours later, I realized that I didn’t know where my phone was. I searched my purse, my work bag and the car. No phone. I retraced my steps. Still no luck. Maybe I left it at church? It was late when I went back at church. As I turned the light on in my office and saw no phone on my desk, my stomach got an empty feeling.

Did I leave it at the grocery story? I couldn’t remember. I’d worn a fleece jacket and my phone had been in my pocket most of the day. It wasn’t there now. Where did it go? Another walk through of the places I’d been since getting home. Still no phone.

By own, it was late into the night and I was trying not to panic. I could use the alarm on the clock next to Rick’s side of the bed. Surely it would show up before I left for my part-time job in the morning? I just didn’t know when. I’d searched for over an hour with no success. By now, I was very annoyed with myself. I really do not want to be “one of those people” who is always misplacing and loosing things. How could I be so irresponsible?

One last thought. I sat in our snuggler when looking at the mail. The snugger is bigger than a recliner but smaller than a love seat. And it reclines. Hands down, our favorite piece of furniture in our TV room. Rick is forever losing his phone in the snuggler. He loses cups, glasses, pencils, the paper and a myriad of other things in that little space between the cushion and the outer edge. I literally ran down the stairs into the TV room and put my hands along the edges of the snuggler. There was my misplaced phone. It slid out of my pocket while reviewing the mail.

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. Lent is a specific season on the Christian church calendar for believers and seekers to draw themselves closer to God. To be more mindful, more intentional and more disciplined about how we seek and live God in our daily lives. Challenged by another Christian recently, my focus this Lent is “mindfulness.” I know there is a God. I know God loves me. What I do not do a good job of is making sure I am mindful in how I plan my day, make decisions and depend upon God to help me make the best choices possible. Rick and I often wonder whether the hundreds of little decisions we make daily are clutter on God’s desk or important to God. What I do know is that far too often, I blow through the day without mindfully including God in the things I say and the actions I take. I certainly do not want to be held responsible for the time I waste and the distractions that sidetrack me.

Misplacing my phone challenged me to think: how often do I misplace God in my daily life? How much time do I spend searching for God when I’m feeling challenged or overwhelmed? How can I be more mindful about not depending upon only myself in my daily life but making sure I share the yoke with God? This Lent, I want to be mindful. I don’t believe I’ve lost God in my daily life. I sometimes just feel I’ve misplaced making sure God is involved and a part of all the decisions and opportunities before me each day.

My goal is to say this one line many, many times a day to help keep me more mindful of God’s presence in my life: “God, slow me down and help me mindfully see you in my life right now.” When I do not include God as I would like, I pray that I have enough good sense to go hunting for God and keep searching for God until I reach down and feel him in my soul.

Lord God – Please forgive me for the thousands and millions of times I walked through my life without fully depending upon you. Place it upon my heart the great ways we can work together to achieve great things for your kingdom. God, slow we down and help me mindfully see you in my life right now.  Amen.

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