Mon., Feb. 27, 2017

Psalm 8:3 – I often think of the heavens your hands have made, and of the moon and stars you put in place.

Weather in Wisconsin during the month of February has been bi-polar.

For several days last week, temperatures were in the 60’s and neared 70. A lot of pasty-white legged people broke out shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses. Weather like this in Wisconsin is more apt to happen in April than February. Nearly everyone walked a bit lighter and had a spring in their step. Moods were lightened after a gloomy winter.

But then, the opposite end of the bi-polar spectrum happened by week’s end. Northern Wisconsin woke up to a plus foot of white snow. Right on the edge, we had some snow, some rain, lots of sleet and ice. Friday was another snow, err, ice, day for school kids.

Friday night brought another round of sleet/rain that froze. Yet, the results were absolutely stunning. Ice hanging on tree limbs, woven-wire fences and shrubs. Electrical lines glistened as the sun peaked through the bands of ice hanging below their surfaces. Temperatures remained below freezing Saturday night. This meant for another glorious drive on Sunday while going to church. By yesterday afternoon, the ice was melting and water was dripping from everything.

While Rick and I were in the car on Saturday, his comment to me revolved around how the glistening countryside had to be created by Someone greater than us. Humans just couldn’t pull this one off. It was simply too beautiful.

Gloomy winter days can be depressing. A few days of warmth and sun created lots of spring fever. When the cold temperatures returned, the gloominess stayed at bay and we were the recipients of a beautiful glistening crystal cathedral all around us.

Even if winter isn’t a person’s favorite season, I pray we can be overwhelmed by a God who knows how to dazzle us with a sparkling creation.

Lord God – the handiwork of your paintbrush is often simply too beautiful for words! Whether we experienced your glistening crystal cathedral this past weekend or not, may we look out a window this day and be overwhelmed with the creation you’ve shared with us.  Amen.

Blessings –


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