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PassportPassport to Prayer – Lent 2016

Wednesday – Feb. 17, 2016

Psalm 107:9: For he satisfies the thirsty soul and fills the hungry soul with good.

When our stomachs are hungry, they tell us. But how do you know when your soul is hungry for prayer? Too many days without spiritual prayer leaves us cranky and difficult; much like a child who is “starving!”

Does your family say grace together? Are you comfortable praying when in a restaurant? When with people outside of your family? These are not times to catch-up on your prayer life, but they are another opportunity to connect with God throughout your day. Challenge your family to make grace part of every meal. May this be an important way for your family to connect together and with God.

We know grace only takes it a minute. Yet, sometimes, we skip it. Dear Lord – just as we satisfy our physical hunger with food, may we see the great need to satisfy our spiritual hunger with prayer. Help us to pause before each meal and give thanks to you. Amen.  

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