July 8, 2013

2 Corinthians 5:7

We live by faith and not sight.

Last fall, Rick decided to build a playhouse for our three youngest grandchildren. It is modeled after the house Rick’s son and daughter-in-law built in 2011.

The playhouse took on a life of its own. Rick built it in our shed, with 1”of clearance. Doesn’t every playhouse need shingles and heat vents in the roof? The shed is 8×12 feet with a two-foot porch off the front. Next to the front door is an outside light that works. Inside, most people can stand. At the rear are gate doors so the kids can drive their bikes inside, provided they are small enough or duck under the loft inside the doors, complete with a ladder.

There is drywall, operating lights, a stove and oven, a kitchen counter, sink, faucet and knobs. Did I mention the microwave, the knick-knack shelf and towel rack? Rick made a kid-sized table and stools. The windows slide, there are flower boxes (with flowers) beneath the front windows, shutters, a chimney and it is painted with the same paint as the big house. The loft has a blanket and pillow and the curtains match.

The original finish date was Waylan’s birthday in April. In early May, I suggested Rick should have it in place by Ellie’s birthday, June 2. He thought it would be so cool to wheel it into the party on the trailer. I said the kids would like it a lot more if they could play in it.

As mid-May approached, I wasn’t confident it would get moved. One weekend, Rick pulled it out of the shed. I was afraid the roof would come off. It came out slick as a whistle, despite my lack of faith. Next was getting it loaded onto a trailer. Thankfully, our neighbor decided this was not a one-person job. He also had an “oversize load” sign. One Sunday afternoon, I followed Rick and the playhouse. We took the longer route, avoiding the Sauk City road construction. It arrived in one piece, despite my lack of faith.

After sitting in his parent’s yard for a couple days, Rick and his Dad moved it to Darran’s house. Rick took the Jeep. His Dad brought the playhouse with a tractor. Rick waited and waited. No playhouse. There is a steep hill enroute. Loosing faith, Rick wondered if the playhouse had slid off the trailer and landed into Narrow’s Creek. Finally, the chimney peaked over the last hill.

A few days later at Ellie’s birthday, the playhouse was a hit. I was standing inside when an 8-year-old boy said, “This is the coolest thing.” The tea set Rick sat on the table had been filled with lemonade. There were sandwiches and a bag of chips on the counter. Kids crawled in and out of the loft all afternoon.


The finished product.

On the 4th of July, Darran and Courtney had a party with fireworks. Rick and I laughed as we watched the kids having more fun in the

Welcome to the Vielhuber playhouse!

Welcome to the Vielhuber playhouse!

Ready to move.

Ready to move.


Curtains blowing out window.

Curtains blowing out window.


Ellie in the loft.

Ellie in the loft.

playhouse than watching the firework. As dusk settled in, the electricity was turned on. We watched little feet wiggle in and out of the window where the loft is.

Rick started the playhouse with simply idea to build one similar to his son’s house. It was a labor of love. Rick spent months building it. At times, I didn’t have faith it would ever get done or get moved. In the end, these grandkids have one of the most unique and special playhouses ever. I pray they have as much playing in it as Grandpa had building it.

Why did I not have as much faith the playhouse would ever get finished? That’s a good question. As Christians, we choose whether to have faith or not. There are many times and situations when we can get turned off by the church, people, situations in which people do not act very Christian to each other or towards God. I pray our faith will withstand this and so much more. Christian faith is also a labor of love. We should also wiggle our toes into it on a regular basis.

Lord God: sometimes we give up too easily on you, the church and faithful living. Interestingly, our worries are often unwarranted or not what happens in the end. Lord God, help us fix our faith on you and not the things of this world. Amen.

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