July 7, 2013

Exodus 17:12

When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on one side, one on the other – so that his hands remained steady till sunset.

After Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea, they spent time in the dessert. With scarce food, God provided manna for them to eat. Soon, they grew tired of manna and complained to Moses. They even contemplated wishing they had never left Egypt.

Then, they did not have enough water. They fought with Moses and demanded water. Moses was at his wits end. He cries out to the Lord, “What am I to do with these people? They are almost ready to stone me.”

Soon, Moses runs into another challenge. The Amalekites attack the Israelites. Moses sends Joshua and men into war. Moses, and two of his helpers, Aaron and Hur, go to hill to watch the battle. As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning. But as soon as he lowered his hands, the Amalakites were winning. After a while, Moses got tired. It was becoming more difficult to keep his hands raised. Aaron and Hur found a stone for Moses to sit on. Most importantly, Aaron and Hur helped Moses. They each held up an arm so the Israelites could win the battle.

While Moses was an exceptional leader, even he needed helpers. He needed hand-holders. Aaron and Hur saw this. They realized that Moses could not hold up his hands by himself and they helped him.

We all need hand-holders. We all need people to come by our side and literally and figuratively hold our hands when life is challenging. Who are your hand holders? Who would you help in a moment’s notice? And who are you a hand holder for?

Within a faith community, people are mandated to be hand holders for each other. That’s part of being involved in a faith community. Pastors and church staff need hand holders. Local church leaders need hand holders. No one person can provide all the necessary gifts and talents to adequate minister to God’s kingdom.

How are you being a hand holder within a faith community? How have you ministered to the pastor and church staff? How have you provided support and encouragement for the church leaders? How might you, like Aaron and Hur, become very intentional in hand holding within your faith community?

While Moses was an exceptional leader, it was impossible for him to have enough strength, skill and stamina to always do his ministry. How important his helpers, Aaron and Hur were. Make it clear to us how we can be a hand holder within our faith community. Provide us ways to support our pastor, church staff and local church leaders. If we serve in one of these roles, may we not be afraid to ask for help. And provide us clear opportunities to be hand holders to those around us. Amen.

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