Nov. 27, 2011
When I looked at our paper on Thursday morning, I was shocked. Someone said that it weighted five pounds! For real? It could have taken hours for someone to scour through all the ads and find the best deals.
The last few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how Christmas and all the preparation just seems to pull us away from the real meaning of Christmas. Even in my own life! In fact, I came home from church today, thinking that I’d go do a little shopping after Rick left for work. But after thinking about what I shared in worship today – how we spent too much time on shopping and preparations and not enough time looking for a miracle that we could be a part of this Advent – I decided shopping was not what I should do this afternoon. I want to be intentional about what I do – and don’t do – this Advent.
Today is the first day of Advent. When I was growing up, I fondly remember this as a special time of the year. Unfortunately, Advent is an almost forgotten time of the year today. Somehow, we are missing out on the true message and joy of Christmas, caught up in the “things” of Christmas.
Advent matters. Advent is the way the church prepares for Christmas. Advent means “coming.” It’s the time of the year that we prepare for the coming of the Christ child as well as prepare ourselves for Christ’s return to earth.
And so, that’s why I’ve decided this Advent to put together daily writings about why I think Advent is important. So, I’m beginning tonight and plan to add a daily devotion every day through Advent. I encourage you to journey along this Advent. Take a few minutes every day and discover what Advent and the coming of the Christ baby means to you. Invite a friend to join the journey. If you miss a day, just catch up a couple days at a time, or continue these devotions after Christmas. Let’s think of inch-ways we can restore the “coming” of Christ into our Advent together!
Blessings –



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