I never really imagined becoming a blogger. I’m not really sure what a blogger does. But this Advent, I wanted to publish a daily Advent devotional for people to read, ponder, explore. And so, I thought the easiest way to do this might be through a blog.
I’m a Christian woman who happens to be a United Methodist pastor. Certainly, I don’t have all this Christianity stuff figured out. I just ask that we journey together and explore our faith in a new way.
Be patient with me as I learn how to blog. Please don’t get frustrated if things aren’t showing up like you think they should. If that is the case, please e-mail me and let me know! And I’m going to work hard to post a new Advent devotional every day so together, we can explore Advent through a new lense.
Thanks for journeying with me this Advent.
Dianne D. Vielhuber



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