Gratitude Day 888

Simple Is Better – When Time Doesn’t Stand Still

Gratitude Day 888

John 7:6: Jesus said to them, “My time has not yet come, but your time is always here.

As you get a older does it feel like the same 24 hours go by quicker?

The days zoom by faster? The months pass by and soon, the year disappears?

Or is it just me?

Honestly, I can’t ever really remember a time when I thought time stood still. For me, time just feels like it evaporates much too quickly. It’s one of those things that we would like to have control over but seldom do.

For me, time feels like it just keeps marching on. And on. And on. From the minute we are born, the reverse clock begins ticking. We don’t know exactly how long we have on this earth and so, making the most of the time we have becomes terribly important.

Just ask the person who lost his or her spouse too early.

Or outlived their child.

Time seems very different after this life-altering event.

Who wants to be that person who finds themselves towards the end of their life that looks back and wonders, “Why? Why did I chose to live my life this way instead of in a more meaningful way?”

Rember that saying that says something like, “The hours are long but the years are short?” Honestly? I think hours and years feel equally short. And there is little I can do to slow them down.

Since we can’t slow down time, what can we do?

Make the most of every bit of time that we have.

Celebrate every big and small event in our lives.

Make the most of everyday, filling it with the things that mean the most to us and not someone else.

Pause. Reflect. Remember.

Grow. Learn. Discover something new.

Love deeply. Care unconditionally. Make wise choices.

Yes, we will make mistakes. I’ve wanted more than one do-over in my life.

Yet, I can’t life with complete regrets because then this time is lost once again.

Time marches on, oh yes it does. So, savor the moment. Honor the hour. See today as the present that it is because it is called the present.

We can’t slow time down. We can’t add more time or remove the moments that feel silly. All we can do is appreciate every bit of time we have and make the most of us.

Thank God for today and live like you aren’t guaranteed a tomorrow.

Blessings –


Gracious God – Thank you for today and the gift of time I have been granted. Teach me to savor every moment and hold it carefully in the cup of my hand. May I see time more from Your perspective. Amen.

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