Simple Is Better – Finding Spiritual Flow

Gratitude Day 882

Isaiah 48:21: They weren’t thirsty when he led them through the deserts. God made water flow from the rock for them; split the rock, and water flowed out.

There simply is something about being around water.

For me, I feel like calmness surrounds me. Some of the tension I’ve been holding onto feels less daunting. The sound of the water spilling over the rocks or ground or waterfall simply brings a sense of peace into my life.

It should be no surprise that water has this effect on us. In the creation story, water is an important component.  From the very beginning water would be part of God’s special creation story. Later, people were appointed to be caretakers of God’s creation; including water.

It’s the constant flow of water that catches my attention. I find it so interesting how water is very persistent. It wants to flow. It needs to flow. It will do what is necessary to keep flowing.

Oh, what lessons we can learn from the persistence of water. Spiritual journeys need flow as well. They want to flow. They need to flow. But do we provide opportunities for the flow to happen?

Sometimes. Sometimes, not.

I struggle with spiritual flow just as much as the next person. There are a few things that I have embraced in my life which encourage me to seek spiritual flow and guidance. Maybe one or two of these ideas will connect with you.

  • Expect to have a spiritual journey. They just don’t happen. Spiritual journeys need time, space and commitment. Left to their own devices, they will eventually die. It’s only when we see a spiritual journey as important, necessary and worth our time that we choose to put energy and effort into it. This won’t happen on it’s own. YOU will decide if this is something you expect.
  • Make it a priority. Just like eating, caring for your body and all the other things you do, your spiritual journey needs time and attention. I’m not suggesting hours of a day. But clear expectations of when you will embrace a spiritual journey in your life. I try to not let my feet hit the ground in the morning before offering a short, simple prayer to God. And I close out the day by sharing the Lord’s Prayer with God. If you only do these two things, you have declared it as something important and worth your time and energy. Throw in grace before meals and you are praying five times a day! Amazing!!
  • Stay with it even when it doesn’t feel like it’s making a difference. For me, this is personally the most important choice I make about my spiritual journey. Recently, I read through the book of Lamentations. Honestly? I didn’t feel it. I didn’t connect with the words. I was hoping for more feedback than I received. Now, I could have decided that the Bible isn’t interesting. Nor does it relate to me today. Instead, I picked a book in the New Testament that I hope will be more interesting. Yes, I could have easily stopped reading the Bible. But I didn’t. I stayed the course.
  • Consult with God throughout the day. Seriously. God should not only be brought in for last ditch efforts or when you expect something big. God loves to hear from you regularly. This also helps us know God’s voice in contrast from other voices in our heads.
  • Realize your relationship with God will ebb and flow; just like every other relationship in your life. It’s OK. Let it ebb and flow.
  • A spiritual journey is a marathon; not a sprint. Set yourself up for the long haul, not the quick race. Eventually, it will feel more natural and flow more easily.

There are lots of other suggestions. Rather than doing a complete dump, I’m encouraging you to pick one or two of these and work on this before moving on. If  these feel natural to you now, listen for God to speak to you. See what God has to say.

If you are still struggling, go for a walk outside. Try to get close to some water. Listen to it. Hear it speak to you. Know that the same God who created this water is the same God who created YOU. Yes, YOU. The amazing person you are who was created by God for amazing and special things. Flow will come. Give it time. And then celebrate when it feels natural and special in your life.

For the inspiration of water to seek a spiritual life that flows, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Somedays, the spiritual life just doesn’t feel as natural and easy. Somedays, it feels hard and challenging. Please be with me and encourage me as I seek spiritual flow in my life. Amen.

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