Gratitude Day 860

Luke 7:21: At that time Jesus was healing many people who were sick or in pain or were troubled by evil spirits, and he was giving sight to a lot of blind people.

It is time (beyond time!) to announce our November Our Monthly Resolution.

And it’s a good one!

First, it involves healing. I believe there are many different kinds of healing. Most often, we think of physical healing. But Jesus also promoted and healed people emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He understood that wholeness involves looking at a person from all these different aspects. And, he healed them all.

Next, November is the month that I often think of veterans. We have a special day during the month of November to honor and remember our vets. So, we’re combining these two things together in our November non-profit selection of Healing Patriots & A New Beginning.

Here’s how they describe what they do:

As we prepare to tackle the day’s challenges, there will be situations that will either affect us positively or negatively. The negative hurdles are the ones we must overcome and as we decide to leap over or go through them, we may fall down.  At that moment, there is a decision to make, will we get up or stay down?

When heroes spend time with Healing Patriots, we will make sure you get up, dust yourself off, and keep going.

This organization’s mission is to help injured vets and First Responders as they begin their path to healing. While this can be physical healing, this organization also embraces other types of healing. They provide therapeutic outdoor adventures for those who seek healing. Think fishing and hanging out with other vets who aren’t comfortable talking about their struggles. They offer fishing and ice fishing expeditions; in the U.S. as well to Canada.

These vets believe that getting vets into non-clinical experiences allows people to begin to realize their needs, stress and necessity to heal. Connections made with other vets is an important part of the healing.

Healing Patriots provides many services: education, mentorships, on-site professionals to assist, resources and assistance, educational opportunities, leadership skill building and team building. They do a lot of stuff!

For Our Monthly Resolution, all donations will go towards their H.O.P.E packages. H.O.P.E stands for Helping our Patriots Endure. These packages include a variety of gifts vets and First Responders can when they go fishing. Our donations will help provides these packages directly for vets and First Responders.

Anxious to get involved with Healing Patriots? Here’s how you can:

Make an online donation: and click on the “donate” button.

Mail a donation:

Healing Patriots, W10928 Lakepoint Dr., Lodi WI 53555

Nominate someone to participate in their programs by visiting their website:

To enlist your employer to make a matching donation, their EIN is 82-1513097.

November is a great time to support a veteran organization. Please join us in supporting Healing Patriots for wholeness healing.

For the opportunity to assist with someone else’s healing, I am grateful. 

Loving God – You never tire of healing us, even when we get tired of needing healing. We lift up those veterans and First Responders who are struggling. May organizations that offer opportunities for healing help those in heed. Amen. 

Blessings –


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