Exodus 13:10 –Celebrate this festival each year at the same time.

Gratitude Day 825

Every year, we have a day on which we get to celebrate ourselves! A day when we remember the day we were brought into this earthly world: the day of our birthday.

Growing up, my siblings and I could have a limited “friend” party. We invited a few of our friends over for an afternoon or overnight. Since my birthday is in the winter, we often went sledding, as our farm had a FANTASTIC sledding hill! Mom would let us pick out what we wanted for supper. She also let us pick out what type of cake we wanted. She would decorate a fancy cake with piped frosting on it, in whatever shape/character we wanted. These were ways that our day was made special.

Box of Balloons – Waukesha Chapter is our April Our Monthly Resolution organization. This non-profit organization has the mission of making every birthday happy and ensuring every child has the opportunity to celebrate their birthday. Donations are used to put a smile on a child that might not otherwise get a birthday party.

Children who may not receive recognition for their birthday are nominated to Boxes of Balloons. This group loves to put smiles on the faces of children in need. Box of Balloons believes that the boxes they provide to children makes the kid’s birthday candles shine a bit brighter. A special party allows them to dream and believe in brighter days ahead, no matter what has been happening his/her life.

Here’s a video that shares more of Box of Balloon’s story:

The number of birthday boxes has grown since the video. It is now over 7,300 boxes!

Because of donated funds, Box of Balloons volunteers create a custom birthday box for each sponsored child. Each birthday box includes balloons, decorations and party supplies so a family can host a small birthday celebration for their child. The box includes a special gift the parent or guardian can share with the birthday child.

A $100 donation provides everything needed to provide a box for a child’s birthday. Smaller donations are pooled together to create a box. A $25 donation provides cupcakes and party favors for one birthday box. A $50 gift provides the birthday gift. Boxes of Balloons accepts donations of any amount and will use them to help make a child feel special on their birthday.

We have chosen to work specifically with Boxes of Balloons – Waukesha for April. This local chapter believes in empowering parents with everything they need for a child’s birthday party. The boxes include hangable decorations, a card to sign and the gift, along with snacks for family or friends of the birthday child. If the family prefers to make cupcakes together as a family, the necessary items to make and prost the ingredients are provided to the family.

If you would like to participate in Our Monthly Resolution, here is how you can join in the fun of providing boxes to kids:

Donate online: https://boxofballoons.networkforgood.com/projects/107649-box-of-balloons-waukesha-wi?fbclid=IwAR07jt6Zz2L8a7-Vo6RbanGVN5Tvil_xah-a1XkcQ3MgZEabZIX4iVzE9xY

Their EIN number is: 46-4826289.


For kids, a birthday is a big deal. Recently, I heard of a story where a little girl had her first birthday party at 5-years-old! She has been in the foster care system and bounced through many different living situations. Imagine being 5 before having your first birthday! Boxes of Balloons wants to make sure kids are able to celebrate their special day.

If you are interested in volunteering, please go here: https://www.boxofballoons.org/volunteer

You can also nominate a child to receive a box.

A birthday is a special festival each year. Let’s help kids receive a birthday celebration by supporting Boxes of Balloons – Waukesha chapter.

For those who want to make sure kids can celebrate their birthdays, I am grateful.

Blessings Almighty God – Our birthday is such a special day. But for some kids, they have never had the opportunity to truly celebrate their special day. May our support of Boxes of Balloons – Waukesha chapter allow kids in their area to feel special on their special day. Amen.

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