Ecclesiastes 3:1 – For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: 

Gratitude Day 807

I am a person who likes order. I believe life is better when everything has a place and things “live” in their places. I thrive when there is less clutter. It brings joy to my heart when I walk into a room and it feels put together.

So, my heart and mind have not felt terrible “in order” the last two weeks. I keep reminding myself that it’s only been a couple weeks and we can live in clutter for a while. Yes, we get a bit tired of trying to find the one thing we want in the moment. Hubby Rick and I searched for the green tea for a couple of days. He stopped at the store yesterday and bought some more. Within minutes of getting home, I found the green tea. In the tub that has been sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor for several days now.

I unpacked the tub last night. In fact, I unpacked every tub that had been noisily sitting in the pantry waiting for it’s turn to be unpacked. All the canned goods, spices, baking items, boxes of cereal and crackers have found a spot. At least for now.

Yes, it’s crazy when I open the pantry door and feel my heart sigh because there is order. And I remind myself this is a first-world problem because I have plenty of food in the pantry.

Are you a person who likes order? Things in their places? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants more?

Can I share a little secret? As much as Hubby Rick says he wants to be spontaneous, he also likes order. I think he’s reworked the garage three times. But who is counting.

So how does one manage disorder in their lives when they yearn for neatness and everything looking wonderful? Here are a few tips I’m trying to keep front and center these days:

  • Celebrate little wins. Getting a drawer or closet or cabinet situated feels good. Having open floor space were boxes used to be encourages me. Whatever may be creating disorder in your life right now, find one little thing that you can do that will relax you a bit.
  • Remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. Too often, we expect everything to happen lickity-split. But it doesn’t. We are about done with phase one of the kitchen, knowing there will be a few updates later. What we have done feels great! Focusing on this one area means other areas aren’t getting attention. Give yourself a pace of grace with whatever feels heavy in your life right now. Realize that it’s OK for things to take longer than expected. Giving a little extra time and attention in the process and being content with the end result is more important than getting something done fast.
  • Lower your expectations. Be more realistic. Every day, I have great ideas of what I will get done. And then, it doesn’t. I’m trying to be more realistic these days. Pick out the top 3 things I want to accomplish today and be happy with this. I’m trying to do these things first, but this doesn’t always happen. Allow some things to wait until another day. It’s really OK.
  • We often put more expectations on ourselves than other people do. So, be kind with yourself. Be gentle. Allow space to celebrate little the little wins before rushing off to the next project.

Let me also share a few things that have inspired me this week.

This scripture. At the beginning of the year, I shared my friend Mary Ann’s schedule to read through the Bible in the year. Amazingly, I have kept up! I also expected to share one verse that spoke to me each week. Well, I skipped this the last two weeks. But here is a wonderful verse when God speaks to Moses.

Read this again. God is slow to anger. Wants to be kind. Will be faithful to us. What wonderful promises these are from God TO us!

This time together. Last Sunday, Rick and I went for a winter hike. We tromped through the snow. Listened to the creek and were amazed how louder it was the higher we were! We checked out the animal tracks and climbed through the fallen trees in the woods. Our hearts and souls needed this hike. Never underestimate the power of being in nature.

It is clear that messes and order are simply part of my life these days! We all go through seasons where certain things are more in the forefront. What is speaking loudly to you these days? What keeps showing up? What topic do you find yourself thinking about over and over? Realize this is a season. A phase. A time in your life. Embrace it for now. Look forward to moving through this season. Know that the God who loves us will be kind to you through this season.

Knowing God is slow to anger with me when I am distracted by lack of order in my life right now, I am grateful.

Blessings –

Holy God – Thank you for being patient and kind with me. May I extend this same kindness and patience to those around me, as well as to myself. May I embrace whatever season I am in right now. Amen.

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