Gratitude Day 800

Isaiah 9:2: The people walking in darkness have seen a great light. On those living in a pitch-dark land, light has dawned.

Soon, it will be the longest night of the year: Dec. 21 The day that has the most darkness of the year when you live in the northern hemisphere.

Hubby Rick calls it the shortest day of the year. It’s not any shorter hours-wise. It just has less daylight.

It’s the day when the sun comes up the latest and dips below the western skyline the earliest.

When I was a child and growing up on a farm, I remember coming home from school on Dec. 21st. While us kids often wanted a short break before heading outside to do our evening chores on the farm, I remember my Mom encouraging us on Dec. 21st not to wait. “It will be dark soon,” she would say. If we wanted any daylight while doing outside chores, we needed to get our feet into boots, put on our chore coats and move on outside … as quickly as possible. The son had already dipped behind the horizon and the darkness of night had set in.

We don’t know the exact date that Jesus was born. In fact, we’re not sure what month or even what season. Late December was chosen because this is when the least amount of light is possible. It’s like all the people have seen such darkness in the world. Now, the Light of God is coming into the world.

Why wouldn’t the Light arrive during the longest nights of the year?

Why wouldn’t the Light want to shine as brightly as possible?

We have a lighted start that Hubby Rick puts on the outside of our carriage house. A couple weeks ago, Rick asked if we would be putting the star out again this year. My response? “Of course!”

One year after Rick put the star up, during dinner he asked, “Have you seen the star in the east?”

I thought he was being funny, when in reality, he just wanted me to look out the window and see the star of the east on the side of our carriage house.

It was dark. The light shone bright.

The Light of the World is coming.

We celebrate his birth in just a few days.

If you are feeling darkness in your life right now, it’s OK. Turn east and find the star.

If you wonder if God loves you, turn east and please find a star that is shining bright, for you and all the world to see.

If you are feeling a little frazzled or distracted or not prepared for Christmas, just stop. Stop. Turn east. Find the star. See the Light of the World.

This IS enough.

This IS Christmas.

This IS what is most important.

See the light.

Feel the light.

Give thanks to God.


And if you need just a bit of inspiration today, listen to a favorite Christmas carol.

For the Light of the World on the longest night of the year and every other night, I am grateful.

Dear God – Thank you for bringing light into a dark and often dreary world. Thank you for shining brightness into my life. May I reflect Your love to those around me. Amen.  

Blessings –


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