Psalm 4:8 – In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.

Gratitude Day 797

A bed, mattrass, and bedding. Having these should not be a big deal. Right?

Unfortunately, there are kids in Wisconsin who do not have the luxury of having all of these things. This is where Sleep in Heavenly Peace steps in.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is our last non-profit organization for 2022 as a part of Our Monthly Resolution. With the mission of “No Kid Sleeps On the Floor In Our Town,” Sleep in Heavenly Peace is committed to providing all the necessary pieces for kids to have a safe place to sleep.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace believes that a bed is a basic need for proper physical, emotional and mental support for kids. This program is successful because many people asked the question, “What can I do?”

Sleep In Heavenly Peace is a nationwide organization. They have local chapters which work within their community to provide beds, mattrasses and bedding to kiddos right within their community. Local chapters rely on 100% volunteers which means every dollar donated goes directly towards helping kids.

We have chosen to partner with the Vernon County Sleep In Heavenly Peace chapter, which is located in Viroqua, WI. They are a newer chapter and we would like to help them get their program stable.

It costs $250 to provide a single bedframe, NEW mattrass, pillows and bedding for a kiddo. So, for every $250 we raise in December, we provide one complete set for a kid! We’d love to raise enough funds so we can provide 6 sets for the Vernon County Chapter!

To see the impact that Sleep In Heavenly Peace accomplishes, take a peek at this video:

Let’s come together and support this wonderful program in Vernon county!

To donate, go to:

Donations can be mailed to: Sleep in Heavenly Peace, 1103 Crossing Meadows Dr., Viroqua, WI  54665.

Please indicate your donation as part of Our Monthly Resolution.

If you are in the Vernon County area and would like to volunteer with this chapter, you can go to:

If your employer will match your donation, their EIN is: 46-4346568.

When you crawl into your bed tonight, think of those kids who might not have a bed. The Lord wants them to have a safe place to sleep. We can help with this. Please consider a donation to Sleep in Heavenly Peace this December!

For the opportunity to provide beds to kids who do not have them, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – You promise that You will keep us safe as we sleep. Having a place to sleep with a bed, mattrass and bedding, helps with this. Soften my heart to support kids who do not have a safe place to sleep. May we work together and provide resources for these kids. Amen.

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