Hebrews 12:13 – Make straight paths for your feet so that if any part is lame, it will be healed rather than injured more seriously.

Gratitude Day 781

It was not my finest moment. I was just trying to hold it together.

About three weeks ago, I wiped out on my bike. My car was getting an oil changed at a car repair shop about five miles from our house. I dropped it off in the morning and rode my bike home since Rick was gone. I waited for the call that it was ready. Minutes before 5 PM, I called and asked if it was done. Yes, it was. They were open until 5:30 PM so I had enough time oedal back out to the shop and pick it up.

It was a warm fall day. I was wearing shorts. Unfortunately, I took a corner too fast, not realizing that the road had fresh pea gravel on it. Immediately, my bike skidded and went down. In those few seconds, I knew I was going down but there was nothing I could do to stop it.

Here I am. Splayed out in the middle of the road. Bent sunglasses and laying a few feet away. Most likely, the handlebars hit my face, which turned into a black eye. My left arm and leg were scrapped with road rash. Both hands had bleeding sores.  

Let’s just say that it was not a pretty sight.

It took a minute for me to get my bearings. To stand up. Determine whether or not my bike was rideable. I also knew that I was only halfway to the car repair shop and the clock was ticking. If everything was OK, I still needed to get to my car.

After straightening out the handlebars, I swung my leg over the bike and began to pedal on down the road. My pace was slower this time. I tried not to focus on the blood snaking it’s way down my leg, the pain in my hands and my throbbing shoulder. I just needed to keep pedaling.

This was the second time this year that I took a spill. Both felt silly and avoidable. Both ended in black eyes and sore muscles with scraps. Earlier this spring, Hubby Rick and I were helping our grandson train his beef heifer. At the time, Amelia wanted nothing to do with learning to lead properly. Let’s just say she won. The spectacle ended with broken glasses and Hubby Rick cleaning me up with a hose.

This time, I was alone. I must have looked like a fright as I settled up at the car repair shop. Apparently, they must have lots of people who come dirty and distraught because no one said a word.

Both times, my body was scrapped up and bruised. Each time, I took a couple weeks off from running to allow for healing to happen. After making bad choices that lead up to these “accidents,” I did not want to slow down the healing by continuing to aggravate my bruised and sore body.

With my bike in the back of the car, I reflected up these incidences while driving home. I was reminded how quickly something can happen. You know it’s happening in the moment and yet, powerless to change course. All you can do is wait and see what the end result is. Fortunately, both times, the wounds were healable and did not require a hospital visit. And yes, my pride was dinged both times.

In time, the wounds healed. My face went through various color stages. I carefully chose clothing for a while. I slept on a different side because it was more comfortable.

Every day, I could see healing and progress. I was constantly reminded that my wounds were healable. I do not have cancer or some other disease that would only get worse. Yes, I had to explain daily that Hubby Rick did not give me a black eye but my silly decisions did. The “other” person wasn’t a person but a situation gone wrong.

Are there lessons and thoughts to take away from these incidences? Glad you asked. Why, of course there are.

  • Things happen and sometimes are out of our control. We choose how we react. Will it be a big ordeal or just something that we wade through? Of course, some things are a big deal. Let’s be careful to choose which ones those are.
  • Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal from physical wounds and scraps, given time. Daily, I could see progress.
  • Sometimes, we need to be humbled. Slowed down. Realize that our choices can lead to something happening that is slightly embarrassing. And it’s OK. God still loves us. So do other people.
  • How we treat ourselves emotionally and mentally are just as important as to how we treat our physical bodies. I could beat myself up for poor choices. Or I could move on. It is always our choice.

What’s the spiritual lesson in all of this? Keep our hearts and minds tied to the path that keeps us close to God. Life is full. Busy. There are a bunch of potential distractions in our lives. Will things that stumble into our lives pull us away from seeking God daily? Do we become so caught up in the little “wounds” and “scraps” in our lives that we lose sight of the daily blessings we are granted? Can we allow ourselves to laugh at ourselves sometimes, especially when something silly happens?

Humbleness is not a gift most of us seek. Not too many people want to have their headstone read, “Herein lies a humble person.” But a little humility can be a very good thing. It keeps our egos in check.

Why do I share this story? Not because I’m looking for sympathy for my silly adventures. I share it because every day, we can find opportunities to connect our faith to what happens in our daily lives. We can find God’s hand in our lives IF we look for it. Healing can come in many, many different ways in our lives. We just need to be open to it.

For the daily reminder that God is very much present in my life, I am very grateful.

Blessings –


Loving God – Some days, I make better choices than others. You still love me every day. There are days when it is easy to let my ego become too inflated. You accept me just as I am. Most days, I need some type of healing in my life. Thank you for offering me this healing, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Amen.

P.S. – I’m confident that you did not want to see photos of my bruises, scraps and black eyes. So, please enjoy these flower photos instead!

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