James 4:7 – Surrender to God! Resist the devil, and he will run from you.

Gratitude Day 774

I am often amazed at how God orchestrates something amazing to happen.

Recently, I met a person who I have really resonated with. We’re both trying to figure some things out. This person and I are both convinced that God allowed us to connect at this time so we can assist each other along the way.

How cool is that?

Or the mentally-challenged young man who wrote a new quote on sheets of paper each day and inserted them into the bags of groceries that he packed at the local grocery store. The line at the checkout where he bags groceries is ALWAYS the longest because people want to read his quote of the day.

Who says he isn’t making a difference?

How about the young person who sat with an older person so they would not be alone? I hope I have a young person in my neighborhood when this happens to me.

Too often, we anticipate that real ministry happens when a paid professional takes over and makes sure a program and ministry gets going. But this is not how God rolls. God takes every day, ordinary people, puts them in the right places and asks them to do some amazing things.

Sometimes, the plan works, and some amazing things happen.

God does not expect you to have a Ph.D. to be used in God’s kingdom. In fact, if we look closely at the folks Jesus hung out with during his time of ministry were the less than stellar variety. They were fishermen. A lowlife tax collector. Guys who wanted the best seat in the house and were put in their place when they requested it. They made mistakes, let their egos get in the way, pouted when things did not go their way and tried to manipulate things for their benefit.

Has much changed in the last 2,000 years?


God loves to take people who struggle and do not have all the necessary knowledge. In fact, God kind of prefers to rough-around-the-edges kind of person who simply wants to make a difference. The Lord does not expect you to be perfect. The Lord just wants you to be excited and willing to serve. No Ph.D. required. No smanshy degrees or plaques on the wall. Just a willingness to say, “Yes” to what God places on your heart to do.

Yes, I know. This is easier said than done. I have made plenty of mistakes along the way. I have misjudged, not listened and thought I was right. Too often, I think that I can figure out rather than pausing and inviting God to give me some good insights.

And then, there are the days when someone new comes into my life and I have the opportunity to grow and learn ounce again.

Maybe you have heard this before: God does not call the qualified. God qualifies the call.

Friend – You are called to serve some special way in God’s kingdom. Maybe it’s delivering meals on wheels, caring for a grandchild, serving as a volunteer, mentoring a student. You just need to listen to God and say, “Here I am. Right here. I’m ready for active duty in Your kingdom. Now, show me what to do.”

Sometimes, it may not be going much but simply being with another person. Holding their hand. Listening. Being.

If you thought God only calls those with advanced degrees, well, you would be wrong. The fisherman may not have had a high school diploma. And yet, they became some of Jesus’ closet friends. They showed up. They listened. They grew.

Can we do the same?

For the opportunity to serve God’s kingdom in a very special way, I am very grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Too often, we expect someone else to do the heavy work. Yet, over and over again, you call and work with those who are just ordinary people. Place it upon my heart how I can serve You today. Amen.

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