Genesis 1:18b – God looked at what he had done, and it was good.

Gratitude Day 758

Is it not fantastic when things turn out better than you anticipate??

It just brings such joy to one’s heart.

Look at these flowering planters. They just make my heart sing every time I walk by them. Yes, it is a little crazy. Silly. Ridiculous. But when something brings such pure joy to your life?




Each spring, I make this unwritten promise with myself that I will not buy as many flowering plants as I did the previous year. Yet, somehow, the back of the car just gets full. Even after I get things planted and give them a few weeks to settle in, there is the day when something just doesn’t look as pretty as I would like. Something looks sad. The flowers have not quite filled in. Someone is coming to visit … and oh, I should just add one more plant.

So, I stop by the local gardening place and pick up another plant. Or five.

Then, there are the planters that just fill out and bloom and make the porch look just beautiful.

These flowers? Yes, they are one of my happy places. As I water then and pick off wilted flowers, I envision more growing back. And amazingly they do.

What is your happy place this summer? A little spot in the world where you discover something that makes your heart sing and your soul full? We need these places. These spots where life slows down, if only for a hot minute. We savor the pink horizon and the orange sunset. Where we hit the pause button and say, “And it is good.”

We need these places, these spots. The minute that stretches into more than 60 seconds and we simply let our souls be. Where we take a deep breath and fill our very beings with all the goodness that God built into this world just for us. And we pronounce, “It is very, very good.”

As I share a few bits of good inspiration for us today, think about where you are finding joy these wonderful summer days. Spots that encourage me to pause, slow down, breathe and enjoy. I pray some of these little tidbits will fill your heart as well today.

This song. I’m playing it on repeat today. It’s a little bit of country with a whole lot of good words that remind us there is a reason there is a Sunday every week.

This story. Yes, I grew up in the era of full-service gas stations. All those years Hubby Rick drove petroleum truck? Yes, he and I chatted about all the Mom and Pop stations that went out of business, and it saddened our hearts. The nostalgia in this piece is wonderful.

Have you been trying to listen for God more in your life? Take a peek at these suggestions. (I’m going to keep this list nearby in my life …)

The color of these flowers. Yes, they are called Ash Wednesday. And they are beautiful. (Do click over and see the second photo.)

Finally, I pray that your summer includes some opportunities for you to be amazed. Maybe it’s flowers. It could be listening to music outdoors. Possibly it is a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Find a minute to stop today and say, “It is very, very good.”

For lessons from the little family of baby finches that grew up in a hanging basket on our front porch, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – What an inspiration! As You looked back as the world and everything in it was created, You declared it as “good.” Forgive me for the times I fail to see the goodness all around me. Challenge me to find good in every day, beginning with today. Amen.

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