Psalm 34:18 –The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he saves those whose spirits are crushed.

Gratitude Day 750

Each life, no matter how fragile or brief, forever changes the world.

This is the statement on the website for Mikayla’s Grace, our June Our Monthly Resolution non-profit organization.

Mikayla’s Grace was started to support families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who experience the death of a child or pregnancy loss at hospitals in Wisconsin. Loosing a child is an awful loss. Loosing a baby is heartbreaking. Mikayla’s Grace provides support and resources to families who have lost an infant child.

As a pastor, some of the most difficult moments that I have experienced is when I was with a family whose infant child struggled. If the baby does not make it, it is crushing to watch a family try and navigate this huge loss. This was very profound for me when we lost a grandchild that lived for 16 days in the NICU. And why supporting a non-profit like Mikayla’s Grace is so important. This organization reaches out to families in their most vulnerable moments, when they are crushed.  

Mikayla’s Grace has three different ways they assist families who have a NICU baby:

Their Angel Memory Boxes are given to families who experience the loss of a baby from 16 weeks gestation through the first year of life or children in the PICU at local hospitals. Nothing can replace the loss of a child. Their hope is that these care packages give parents guidance during their brief moments in the hospital with their babies and bring comfort during their grief.

The Baby Loss Comfort Packages are to support families who experience an early pregnancy loss prior to 16 weeks gestation when they don’t often have the opportunity to see and hold their baby. The Baby Loss Comfort Packages bring comfort, acknowledgement, and hope to families who experience a miscarriage. Miscarriage loss is still such a silent grief throughout the community and its impact on parents is often overlooked and undervalued, resulting in feelings of loneliness and even depression. No loss is more important than another and that everyone has the right to be offered support without judgment. Baby Loss Comfort Packages are offered through Emergency Departments, Day Surgery Centers, Social Work Departments and Hospitals.

NICU Care Packages are given to families who have a baby admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and are expected to have a longer term stay.  They include items that encourage bonding between the parent and baby and also promote memory making during what might be a very stressful time while the baby is in the hospital.

Mikayla’s Grace was started by Mike and Melissa Terrill in March of 2011. It was inspired by the two babies they lost, Mikayla Grace and Chase Gabriel. Their experience encouraged them to support other families who have gone through the loss of an infant child.

Please join us in supporting Mikayla’s Grace as our June Our Monthly Resolution organization. Their Angel Memory Boxes and MICU Care Packages cost $50 each. We would love to raise enough funds to cover the cost of 30 of these boxes during June.

Here’s how you can support Mikayla’s Grace:

Donate online:

Main a donation: Mikayla’s Grace Inc., PO Box 145, McFarland, WI  53558

If your employer will make a matching donation, the EIN number is: 45-0632825

If you would prefer to support a similar organization in the state or area where you live, we encourage you to do so.

Together, may we provide resources and support to families who have experienced a profound loss or challenging pregnancy. Helping provide the boxes and packages through Mikayla’s Grace can make all the difference.

For the opportunity to support families who have experienced a difficult pregnancy or lost an infant, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Holy God – Thank you for being present with those families who hearts and souls have been crushed through the loss of an infant child or difficult pregnancy. Bless the boxes and packages that Mikayla’s Grace provides for such families. Together, may these families find care and comfort. Amen.

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