Luke 10:38  – She had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet listening to what he said

Gratitude Day 723

Let’s be honest. I’m not super good at just “being.” Resting and taking time to just chill is not super high on what I love to do the most. Often, when I do slow down, I feel guilty for taking time to not do something. Or I do some simple activity when I’m taking some down time. Too often, I find myself scrolling through things on my phone, rather than letting my brain just rest.

It’s not easy to just “be;” is it?

Most days, I’d make a terrible Martha who just sits at Jesus feet and hangs onto every word he says. Could I just sit and listen to the Teacher? Or would I be folding laundry as well? Would I allow myself to just “be”, or would have also be doing two other things at the same time? Can I slow down long enough to simply rest at the right feet?

I’m just a lot more comfortable being with Martha in the kitchen, doing a half-a-dozen things at the same time. And also trying to hear what Jesus says every once in a while, while making sure the bread in the oven doesn’t burn.

Yes, Martha’s work is important. She’s doing great things and trying to change world (or at least her company’s world) in less than 24 hours. It’s just that Jesus has a deeper understanding of what is most important. And it’s not always trying to get everyone done today.

It’s Lent; a time for us to be more intentional in quieting our hearts and minds so we could actually hear God say something to us. Let’s be honest. Most of us have so much “noise” in our lives that it would require a really big bullhorn for God to get our attention. And then, we’d only allow ourselves to be distracted for a few minutes.

And so, we miss out in hearing what Jesus desperately wants us to hear. He’s saying:

Slow down. The work doesn’t all have to be done today.

Slow down. Striving for more may not fill you up. Only I can do this.

Slow down. Find your identity and calling in me; not what you see others doing.

Slow down. Maybe my checklist has different things on it.

Slow down. Let’s focus on the best things first.

Can you simply sit at my feet and hear what I have to say?

It might make a difference.

Slow down. Find my presence. Savor all the good things I have just for you.

In this season of Lent, God yearns for us to give a little bit more of ourselves to God. But too often, we’re so busy trying to be “good enough,” that we forget we already ARE good enough for God. God’s grace is not something we have to earn. It comes right to us; free of charge. But have we slowed down enough to see it?

Dear Friend – God loves you just the way you are. Even if you think you aren’t enough. God knows otherwise. Please do not forget to simply sit at his feet this Lent. Find time for some being. Some sitting.

Just in case you would like a little guidance with this, I’ve put together a daily guide for Lent. It doesn’t matter if you’ve started it yet or not. Begin with today’s date and go forward. Give yourself permission to not worry about the days you missed. And allow for some resting time this Lent.

If you are on Instagram, I share a short little video everyday that includes some of my thoughts about the nugget for the day. You’ll find me at @diannedeatonvielhuber. Love to have you follow along!

For the reminder that I need to rest at Jesus’ feet, I am grateful.

Blessings –


Thank you, Jesus, for all that you’ve done for me. Help me to slow down and simply rest in Your presence today. May I see your goodness and beauty around me. Grant me the peace of allowing for more Mary in my life. Create within me a deep hunger for Your presence.  Amen.

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